Riddle me this voters and fed up consumers of Woodmen Hills? Your board followed the advise of a study they refuse to release as shown to “PROTECT” Lisa Peterson and staff.

Simple analogy, if more people use a service the costs for the service is spread out over more users, this in theory is suppose to reduce the share of costs to each user, then how come Woodmen Hills was slated for 2652 plats and all operational costs were predicated on either 1050 homes and or 2652 and yet after adding more than that, why has the rates not gone down? We know as WHMD kept rolling the debt and paying the refinance fees and interest since 2002 and now we have according to the audit an estimated 12.2 million (unrestricted cash) that should have been used to pay down the debt as it was the reason they took the money in the first place. I smell a class action.

If Woodmen Hills as platted has 2652 homes and the new fee for “water leasing” is $35.69 Per customer and we know there is a few hundred more as WHMD provides service to other subdivisions. How come the leasing fee which is fixed hasn’t gone down as it should in the study? As a matter of fact the “water leasing fee” was to have gone down by 50% in 2018 but yet it did not. How come and what caused it to stay the same. $35.69 – $17.56= $18.33,  to customers? Continue reading

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Did the Woodmen Hills Water board unofficially payback the flyer guys with water? Coincidence? Timing is everything. This information was posted in the Bent Grass file at the County Planning commission.

It gets worse every time Exposed finds more documents WHMD denied Exposed.


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Bent Grass revisited “disillusion of district” is in the service plan and your BOCC okay ed it!

Check out page 15 of the Bent Grass service plan and form your own opinion, we did, hehehe. Continue reading

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Exposed is going after the election information and now WHMD is seeking the protection of Colorado Secretary of State (and great friend of Greens buddies)Wayne Williams to get them out of it.

Stay tuned!


The story goes we asked for election information and rumor has it so did another person for Metro club the party of the first part.

What we found was startling, but until further review we have been asked to not post the findings of El Paso county and DOLA, who didn’t charge us anything for their assistance and documents. Continue reading

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