Christina LePage billing manager blows a gasket

I have heard it all. Today Exposed went to the office to get copies of two papers not sent out by WHMD. What started out civilly ended up in a verbal tirade by Christina LePage, billing manager.  Continue reading

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New 90 foot Cell Phone Tower to be located off Eastonville beside Woodmen Hills Elementary

On October 12, 2017 a letter went to Falcon District 49 from a company known as Vertical Bridge out of Boca Raton, Florida. here is a link to the companies web site Continue reading

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Bent Grass Monthly meeting recap

On 11-7-2017 at 1035 am the board meeting for Bent Grass got underway.

They introduced a stenographer/employee as a new addition to the group (great idea). She took notes as fast as we all spoke. Nice, keeps everyone on there toes. Benefit is they have minutes on the spot (no hiding facts and personal attacks by personal like Woodmen Hills does) for the next meeting.

Acceptance of the “payables” took place in public like it suppose to be done as per the SDA guidelines and law (unlike a certain board of deception).  Continue reading

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Woodmen Hills is hiding its financial affairs and it is clear the board has gone into lock down mode

See video

Hi everyone we are loading the video and to those who asked if I am alright.

All is well. The board is on a collision course the likes of which has never been seen before in Woodmen Hills history.

They have effectively shut down all CORA to Exposed and called in Big Gun Bendelow for assistance if needed. The office says they posted the meeting but forgot to blast everyone of which we are on the list. With such actions the board is who we said they are with proof.

You understand why they are provoking an attack response from Exposed is due in part to them wanting Exposed out of WHMD. As shown the CRRRG was just an extension of Greens attempt finish the job. Mr. Case needs water but does not want to answer the question of why he is not honoring the original IGA signed to build wells.

This board will destroy our community without a doubt and in the process hike up the rates and put another few million in the debt column. Think were are full of it just read the 2018 budget and ask them. Oh sorry our bad you cant, they screwed over 6,000 voters out of the right to be part of the process and once again it’s time for toe touchies complements of the least transparent board in the history of Woodmen Hills.

Now bend and reach and squeal, there you go and again and again and again.

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