Mill Levy or No Mill Levy? The end doesn’t justify the means.

In the past Exposed did several stories on Woodmen Hills doing a Mill Levy and in 2011 they were defeated by the County Commissioners when a slew of owners showed up and put the quibosh on it.

Now the “new” board wants to explore the feasibility of doing it and here some quick numbers for you to ponder

The original bonds for the Park n Rec are still outstanding at 2,890,000 million give or take a few pennies since 1995. In that time the district amassed over 11 million in over 12 different bank accounts as discovered by Exposed this past election.

See Woodmen Hills screwed us all by combining the debts into one bond tied to it all.

So the new debt formed it 16,200,000 combined the actual total is 17.8 million according to the settlement sheet from DA Davidson as posted on this site.

Now for giggles how does this district get around the fact that it combined the debt into one bond for the higher amount?

At the June 14th board meeting the new board put Cory to the task of moving forward and the numbers put out were 1.4 and 2.4 million totaling 3.8 million to expand the Rec Centers a dream of Jan Pizzi’s and now apparently a wish of Troy Stinson board Chairman.

If the mill levy was to pass the claim is that you can deduct it off your taxes and this true but with one small caveat, under deductions for families you must get to the threshold of 24,000.00 in deductions in order to take advantage of the saving.

What kind of savings could one realize under the rule well is it subjective and if correct the number is minimal.

Say if you got hit with a 1,000 a year for park n rec then at 17% the standard collection rate you get back 170 dollars of the 1,000 but I you don’t meet the exemption or itemization level you get zero.

Mind you mill levy’s never retire or go away and the board wants to by appearance raise the debt by as much as 3.8 million over the current rate of 2.8 est. million of current debt for a whopping total of  6.4 million for park n rec.

But wait a minute, if the only bond as shown is a 16.2 million debt then you must ad to it the est. 3.8 million for a whopping total of est. 20 million debt.

We asked the powers that be, tax preparers and the State just exactly how the deductions work and they say it is subjective. The bottom line is this, if you do not meet a certain level of deductions you will not get it.

The exemption currently is $24,000 per year. Do you meet or exceed that number?

Essentially Trump gave us a new standard deduction and if you do not exceed it your up a creek. It means there is no tax benefit for a mill levy. But don’t take our word for it call your accountant or any number of professionals and they can confirm it. There is always calling the IRS and they will set you like us straight.

What Woodmen Hills is now trying to do is potentially stick 2652 platted owners with a new tax bill for park n rec and that is contradictory to what they campaigned on.

If you pull this study and try to get 2652 owners to pay via a mill levy for a 3.8 to 5.4 million dollar rec center, your career on the board will be short lived.

Did we exchange Pizzi’s Pavilion for Stinson’s Stadium, Carl’s Coliseum, or Reiter’s Rec center? LOL.


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White V Springs / contracts released and then it gets fun. Contracts are public records

Supreme Court of Colorado,En Banc.

CITY OF COLORADO SPRINGS and Carla L. Hartsell, Petitioners, v. David WHITE, Respondent.

No. 97SC685.

    Decided: November 23, 1998

Patricia K. Kelly, City Attorney, Stacy L. Rouse, Assistant City Attorney-Employment, Colorado Springs, for Petitioners. John L. Maska, Colorado Springs, John Turner, Colorado Springs, for Respondent. Gale A. Norton, Attorney General, Martha Phillips Allbright, Chief Deputy Attorney General, Richard A. Westfall, Solicitor General, Patricia S. Bangert, Director of Legal Policy, Casey Shpall, Acting First Assistant Attorney General, Anthony S. Trumbly, Assistant Attorney General, Natural Resources Section, Denver, for Amicus Curiae State of Colorado. Inman Flynn & Biesterfeld, P.C., Joel A. Moritz, Robert J. Thomas, Denver, for Amicus Curiae Metro Wastewater Reclamation District. Continue reading

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You want transparency well this was filed by Hale Westfall the firm of record that one particular board member refuses to acknowledge, you want to understand why Mr. Pace as issues with the previous boards and concerns now. Don’t come at me with being my buddy then spit in my face. Quickest way to pick a fight is to allow it.

Once again nothing anyone can say will phase me anymore call me all the names and phrases you want to, I win every time.

Fact; as stated earlier this firm represents or represented Woodmen Hills as a creditor and the above in several actions pending or finished in the past 3 years, then hired by Woodmen Hills in sometime around July, 2016 as depicted in the memo that was distributed by the district given to the new board. Continue reading

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Worlds largest swim lesson and for 30 minutes on the 21st of June you can swim for free.

In celebration of this event Woodmen Hills is opening it’s door to all

We at Exposed hate Cory guts but this is for a good cause and children learning to swim is a good idea so why not open the doors for the day instead so those who do not know how to swim can learn. Just a suggestion cause we don’t want to be accused a second time of trying criminally influence elected officials one of which is an agent of law enforcement  like in 2012.

On Thursday, June 21, aquatics professionals across the world are banding together with a simple message — swim lessons save lives! — and a simple mission: to teach more children how to swim on a single day than ever before.

From 3 – 3:30 pm this coming Thursday, Woodmen Hills is participating in The World’s Largest Swimming Lesson by offering a free, all-skill-levels swim lesson at Recreation Center East’s indoor pool for everyone age 6 and older. Both residents and non-residents are welcome, and there’s no registration required. Just show up with your bathing suit, and we’ll take it from there.

If your family does not already have a usage agreement on file, an adult from your household should show up 30 minutes early to fill one out.

View the official page for the World’s Largest Swimming Lesson here.

Find Recreation Center East, 9205 Meridian Ranch Blvd., on a map here.


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