Woodmen Hills calls EPSO for “suspicious incident” Now Woodmen Hills is at it again, this time with “citizen” contact.

Thanks to all our viewers, we just got a tip that another call for service was made. See this post below. Very strange.

EP17153230 10/13/2017

8046 Eastonville Rd FALCON 4606 Citizen Contact

Update: 1410 11-13-2017  an “anonymous” source from Woodmen Hills called EPSO. Exposed has been told they can not speak to us on it. We requested the recording and case report and as verified it is about………. We can confirm that a call was placed by ……… The purpose of the call is ……….

The alleged victim as asked to not their name on the call and did it anonymously.

Well to bad so sad, you want to mess with someone, the accused have a LAWFUL right to CONFRONT their accusers.

We know that allegations were made about ………. What is not known is what the “incident” in question stems from. Woodmen Hills did it again and this time Exposed is all over it.


We are receiving information from our sources that some kind of threat was made so we called April at dispatch and she said, “someone called in a threat” and the sheriff took a case report but she would not elaborate. Exposed didn’t see any deputies at the office at 11:52 when we went there so it must have been done via phone.

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Lynne Bliss says “quite whining” No Lynne how about you apologize to us all for being Greens puppet.

As we said the sins of the past will come back to haunt the ex board members.

Lynne Bliss just shot herself in the foot so to speak. The whopper of comment she just told should send shutters throughout Woodmen Hills. Continue reading

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What lengths will WHMD go? Woodmen Hills board is sinking fast and Next Door is leading the way!

The person on Next Door who allowed a certain person on Next Door will not be dining at the table upstairs when the time comes. Please take the escalator down where you belong.

The Next Door community is not stupid and understands why Exposed kept going. Sooner or later the facts and truth will come out and the line of losers will be a mile long. Continue reading

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You asked on Next door we listened, here is the the Park n Rec reports done in 2016 that’s causing the stir

We want to apologize to our readers who could not find the Park n Rec report that the board, well see for yourself. We posted some quotes by residents who are not for pissing away money like the board and Pizzi want to do.  Continue reading

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