Next Door has been put on notice and Exposed has been asked to gather recall materials and a “cheat sheet” for the meeting.


We have asked KKTV for their video of the meeting to post it here, we will let you know the outcome of that request.

Exposed has learned that one of the posts was removed by the author and the others are still under review as Exposed is speaking to Next Door who is asking us to conform to their posting standards to get the account reopened. Exposed has send out response to them. They do understand that since it might be a litigious matter they want to get input from their legal department first.

Exposed has just received word that people on Next Door has deleted a link to this site to stop the community from getting the facts. We have politely asked Next Door to open an investigation on postings that do not violate the rules as they claim that they have the names of those who wrote in and demanded that the public commentary linked to this site be deleted. We are going to get that name (s) and well you know me Hehehehehehe. Put you out of commission. What are they so afraid of? Well the truth and her is the email sent on 8-4-2017 that caused such a fuss.

Y’all might have noticed that it’s been hot outside! Even so, there’s been more rain recently than there was in June, which accounts for the difference in your June and July water bills.

At Woodmen Hills, June, July, and August are our highest usage, and therefoe our highest billing, months. There can be significant deviation between them, however, and the most important variable is rain: the more it rains, the less water residents use on their lawns.

Since it rained much more in July than in June, some residents’ water bills for July were significantly lower than for June. That wasn’t a glitch! Mother Nature came along to save you some money.

Whether it turns out to be rainy outside or sunshiny, have a great weekend, Woodmen Hills!

More denials,  lies and deceit by WHMD and its gang! Now the district followers and whiners or as we call them “district lovers” are filing complaints to shut down freedom of speech via Next Door. Well we will be at the meeting and as requested demonstrate how to under take a recall.  Now the stuff is going to hit the fan and if any board members try to get out of hand we will be there with camera in hand and be happy to press charges.

Ya know what board members stay home and let democracy do its job. We know you are not. The district is trying to stifle anyone who has a bone to pick and the over 100 posters on Next Door were deleted in flash that didn’t sit well with the crowd. This matter is going to end badly for the current board as I have been instructed to gather the materials to start a recall. Good job ………., you just sank you own ship in 9 months and we said 12 so not to bad. What now, you gonna demonize the new recall committee? Not this time.

Jan where are you lover of the “Green”, servant to developers since 2008?

We know WHMD staff  does daily copies of our site sometimes as many as 10 visits a day.

No problem we want you to know that in previous actions you all didn’t offer the most current postings after they were updated in court in previous actions.

Try to do this time, We update our posts from time to time when new information is submitted and we can verify it.



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Bankruptcy case criminal investigation underway?

We said it earlier that WHMD board condones criminal acts by employees. This is our story and it was verified today by El Paso County and an email trail to boot. Exposed proved with real proof that as long as your the “go to girl” in WHMD your job is safe.

The mentality of the board is Ron is “crazy” and “wrong”, well not this time.We stated in prior posts about the bankruptcy that WHMD had double dipped. Now the evidence is of record and El Paso County has released it to Exposed on 8-14-2017.

We said the board was vindictive and they didn’t disappoint and the email is a welcome site. They condone illegal acts by employees and we have proof if your a “Jan fan” you can do no wrong. Lisa Peterson’s name is all over the emails and this time the evidence it irrefutable. We here at Exposed get excited when the evidence show concrete proof that it was intentional and we called it. What makes this so bad is the fact the actions by Peterson as we stated were what they were. No excuse for what just took place.

I am seeking a criminal investigation into this matter. I have additional evidence that the amount  owned is wrong and WHMD did submit it from the BK court by filing the documents. Is this what you voted for a board willing to tolerate corruption? Well now we all have proof. Over 200 people a day come to see the facts and see it wasn’t I who broke the law. Woodmen Hills tried to complicate matters using confusing terms in the letter and emails. I spoke to Diana at the Treasurer and she was so confused by what the “girls” at WHMD were trying to do. How far is WHMD willing to break the law to collect a few bucks? Well if you only knew the amount it would piss you off to no end. This marks the uncountable time the employee have come after Exposed and now of record. The board will demonstrate that now matter what the action so long as it is Ron all is ok.

Where is Jan Pizzi to the rescue and defense of her BFF?

The committee is in the process of finalizing the documents. This is it for Exposed.

We used the Honey analogy Walter says would yield positive results and that was bunk.

The County letter is vindication and going to be introduced to the BK Court as evidence and Exposed is seeking accountability. The board will prove it’s moxy and turn a blind eye again and lie it’s way out of it but not this time as we know 3 news agencies come here to get fact and documents.

The new moto for WHMD. “Criminals are welcome so long as you go after Ron”. We pay 6 figures and give you immunity!



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Enough of the BS Mr. Bendelow! Please see this video, thanks.

Time for the truth, in what appears to be an attempt by Ted Bendelow to waste resources he says the following in his last response to our request for records and we are tired of this insinuation that we have records that a forensic investigator will prove we don’t have. His argument is simple, he believes Lisa Marie Peterson district director has in fact sent those emails to Exposed. This from the person who has admittedly committed BK fraud by double dipping as will be proven with records Exposed obtained.

Well he is right and there is a legal way to prove it she didn’t and that too will be shown to be fraud. A forensic specialist can detect if an email is well watch the video. Since all emails have an “electronic foot print” the history of an email can be subpoenaed under the law. The video on YouTube was easy to find and it shows how to trace the history of an email. Continue reading

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We apologize to our readers. New record number of visitors for one day!

New record number of hits thanks to Next Door and our wonderful followers!



Jan Pizzi is the cause of so many issues under her tenure as board member that the person who commented  is correct. She is her own worst enemy. We are sorry as her path of destruction is forever on record. Her known alliance to developers and actions while on the board are why you pay so much month in and out. Exposed has exposed this information cause concerned residents came here due in large part to being ignored by the developers board over the years. Today we see record numbers coming here for a reason. Continue reading

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Woodmen Hills makes money off your leaks! Stop giving the rogue board your money.


Watch this video for information on meter issues in states not just WHMD. My brother lives in one of the affected areas and I did something about it when I visited. The city was happy to fix the issue once I pointed it out and even replaced the entire water line on his street at no charge to him. Mr. Pace was thanked by the Water Department and 8 neighbors who also live on the street. Happy neighbors who now have good clean water and water pressure for the first time in 15 years. Don’t believe me, call the Brockton Water Department and ask them yourself.


City’s Faulty Water Meters Make Monthly Water Bills Skyrocket

Continue reading

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Another video and please pay attention. This one is the one to watch.

We ran into an issue on obtaining records please stand by as we do not want you to miss this.

A short video and once gain Exposed, exposes the facts with you guessed it records.Woodmen Hills Associates Inc. is the word of the day.

When we track down information we track it down. There is nowhere to hide if Exposed is on the hunt. We pride ourselves with partnerships over the years to produce records others think we can not get. We find people who wish to not be found. Continue reading

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Are Woodmen Hills elections fixed?

In what may be the most explosive news since Exposed starting posting, Exposed received startling information that will shake our voting process to the core. Continue reading

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