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Becker Stowe & Bieber, LLC / plus more exciting news you can’t get from the lead shield board of transparency. What are you all hiding from? Is the million dollar question?

Next time you think you know more than me “chairman”, think again.  I said it then and now, at the upcoming meeting the first of two requests will be made predicated on the actions of “captain fantastic” to shut me … Continue reading

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Who is doing CORA?

Sent to the board and lawyer The agreement resides with either Pete  Susemihl and Paul McCallaster, the lawyer and current board president of the PFA. If you don’t have any issues with it,  I will ask Pete and Paul right here … Continue reading

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Woodmen Hills gives away more precious (water) resources for a “King Soopers” and development

Here we go again. In 2016 Woodmen Hills board of directors and district choose to give out water in exchange for money or as  shown in the paperwork filed at the El Paso county Planning Department. You can click … Continue reading

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18 C2374 Stinson V Pace the hearing recording, cause being a #$%$#%# is not a board members job. Neither is using your professional job to steal Constitutional right’s cause you lack a sack.

Cause they are all afraid of being EXPOSED for the frauds and phonies they are. Click on the link and remember I defended The ladies© and in the end Troy loses it and proves Mr. Pace is the bigger man … Continue reading

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