First sign stolen right in front of the East Rec Center, second and third from Thompkins and Woodmen Hills Dr. by Travis Leighton and he got away with it.


First off thanks to the two guys who saw the Leighton taking the signs, it tells me your not in camp Troy.

We have a winner for the sign stealing contest and this guy was pissed and I recorded it.

You all don’t get it do you?

He came out all fired up and brought his Pitbull with him.

I called dispatch early to report the sign then had to call again after the guy came to me.

The deputy was swell and took (recorded) statement and said he would go over and contact the man. (correction) I got the signs back.

After I returned from a trip to HD I was intercepted by a nice person who said the person who took the signs lived in the house where I placed the signs.

When I went to replace the sign Mr. Leighton made his appearance with his Pitbull.

After a very excited discussion he said,

“don’t worry about the dog”  it’s me (inaudible due to wind)  in his threating manor. (I kind of worry when it is a Pitbull)

He started spewing off about some posted on Facebook and he claimed the property belonged to him because he, “maintained” it so it gave him the right to rip out my signs.

11980 Bonifay Loop for the lucky contestant who is clearly not a fan.

I understand you may not like me but bringing your dog and ripping out my signs, ya I don’t think so.

I am posting the recording of Mr. Excited as he is epitomizes the reason why the stigma and legend of “Ron” will not end until I get elected.

Total cost of stolen objects under 25.00 to cause an issue.

Why would anyone want to take an election sign down and risk getting in trouble? Well the double standard in Woodmen Hills came out front and center by the EPSO.

I want to run a clean campaign, if you don’t like me just don’t vote for me.

Travis Leithton is the proud stealer of my signs and a recording I am going to post after I get it from EPSO and my phone.

Mind you Mr. Leightons conduct is part of a bigger issue. He was angry and the recording will show that.

I for one am not happy EPSO didn’t file a case report and I will address that as I will need one for later on.

This is just another reason why when Troy and Co. disrespect me and treat me like shit in meetings, it tells others they can do it to. This is the mentality of many who think I am the issue. I feel sorry for them.

Mr. Leighton’s problems are of his doing.

He owes me money for the signs and destroyed parts.

After I prepare my report (on who owns the property) for the deputy I am going to sent it to them and request additional items.

Mr. Leighton should have been charged with a crime but due to the fact it is “Mr. Pace” all is considered ok.

I am getting a picture of the place where the sign was posted but this is the best I can do for now until after I get a follow up from EPSO.

You would think I was running for the office of the president with the way Mr. Leighton came after me, LOL like I was Nancy Pelosi.

If you think this kind of behavior will stop you are wrong, as it will only stop when I get elected and the “clique” is gone.


Early posting

I posted a sign late night a 906 PM and left the sign until 230 AM

This morning 634 AM the first sign was gone and removed by a nice person

The second sign was run over right in front of the district office, LOL.

The theme is simple place a sign in an area that out in the open and watch it get taken.


Second and third sign stolen from over by Stinson’s house (Thompkins Rd), LOL.

The drive by happened on Eastonville Rd sorry I needed to clarify that one.



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