A final note of why I am running and you should be frightened about me losing this election


Simply put;

5 people are running against me and the breakdown for it is simple,

3 are for the chairman and fiscal irresponsibly and have pledged to build the rec center, Erickson, Smith, and Martin.

 1 Wilson is running interference for the chairman and will quit after the election and allow the chair to appoint a new person.  

I am running to restore order and respect, something that has not been scene since 1995.

3 people will lose jobs for conduct violating the rules, bylaws, and employee handbook.

2 people are quitting cause they can’t get along in the sandbox if they don’t have power.

3 more will be shown the door, lawyer, comms guy and the engineer.

If I lose bills will skyrocket and the board will stick it to you up one side and down the other.


The ACLU is an organization that assists people whose rights have been denied and abridged.

Under a rule resolved in 2016 Woodmen Hills CREATED the “district sign resolution” AKA the Pace sign Act. When Jan Pizzi was in office and backed up by Mike Pizzi.

The act was specifically resolved to take away ones right to post signs of any nature due to my signs being posted everywhere.

Jerry Jacobson has made the threat to take my signs down. I have requested to have him notify me when the staff take the signs he finds offensive.

Now for this short video on why Jerry and Co. are trying their best to keep their jobs.

Mind you in the last election the current board stated they were going to remove the illegal restriction but didn’t.

Woodmen Hills property is not “private” property as a matter fact according to the BLM Woodmen Hills is community property (public) and since it was purchased with public funds is not a private organization.

Also NO other district has a resolution denying the placement of signs within its boundaries.

As of today Jerry and Troy have instructed the staff to start ripping down signs. Quite odd given it was my signs that were used to put the dysfunctional board on in the first place. I guess Troy as noted in the Feb meeting instructed staff to do it as he said staff could harass anyone who did it.

As a matter of record Woodmen Hills owned property is “public land” for public use and that is a quote from the national HQ of the ACLU and preclusion of use of public lands my fall under a land use act dated in the early 1900’s but I am still waiting for the records and some guidance on it.

Jerry (soon to lose his job) Jacobson is wrong and El Paso county just got done dealing with signage at a meeting held this year (BOCC) where the commissioners resolved an issue involving signs and it was a stark reminder that the supreme court ruled signs are just fine as to content and placement is allowed as Jerry got it wrong. The county does allow the word is allowed Jerry J to place certain signs for elections and other advertisement.

When Woodmen Hills filed for Municipal status they gave up certain rights and one is they can not create law or violate the right of candidates to advertise.

What is now a “resolution” is really a rule directed at me to prevent and give the staff the unlawful right to take my signs.

I am simply telling you Woodmen Hills is living a nightmare right now and they are the ones creating the distractions to redirect from my platform

Simply put they are afraid you will listen to me and my common sense approach.

I said I am running a clean campaign and well I am up against about 20 people who are part of the clique.

I have received help from some very smart people who have helped me form my compliant to the ACLU for violating my right to a fair campaign as a veteran.

Thanks for you patients and please enjoy the very weather.

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