The plan is to beat the “clique” and end the power tower in Woodmen Hills.

Simple the clique is pulling out all the stops to keep control of Woodmen Hills.

They have zero platform but to cost you more money and deny rights.

The mantra is to beat me by taking away 1st Amendment rights and shut down my campaign.

So far it is angering others and having a positive effect.

No need to go negative they are doing it for me by filing over 50 complaints on Nextdoor.

Guess that what’s you do when you got zero way to stop the truth!

What I want to know is when does a board member AKA Troy Stinson have keys to the district office.

Small problem, On 3-24-2020 Mr. Stinson was at the office but funny thing he was the only one there. I was suspect of a vehicle and the vehicle turned out to be Troy’s truck.

Why were you there after hours Troy?



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