Another compliant on Nextdoor and another suspension, LOL. I hope my steak knifes are top quality.


This time all the postings were already noted weeks ago and reported again for a second time but in a turn of events, I learned a Police Officer can call Nextdoor and open a compliant, think about it, LOL.

You would have thought I wrote some kind of Manifesto to get this much attention.

Here is Valerie’s email just received today, 3-25-2020

Hi Ron,

Thanks for contacting us about this issue.

We temporarily disabled your Nextdoor account after we received a complaint regarding your recent content and found that you had violated our Community Guidelines on campaigning and talking moderation.

Here is an example of the content that was brought to our attention:

“Sorry for my delayed response I had to resolve some issues.”  This post is in direct violation of moderation.

“…..After a quick review of the financials all left over money is sent to a “reserve fund” as per Jerry Jacobson’s email. It is located on the financials. I and another candidate who reviewed the financials for the last couple of years found, Woodmen Hills was had not spent the money they collected for services for the budget. As a matter of record here is a link to the financials anyone can see that as shown Woodmen Hills did not spend up to the budget and put the money in a “reserve fund” account. The total amounts over a 14 year period is…”

“My plan is to pay down or off the park n rec debt and create a “opt out” plan as candidate.”

” This is one reason that I don’t like the post on Nextdoor for exactly the reason why these postings are being removed. these are very good ideas backed up with years of philosophy and when someone agrees with me the posts are removed. I asked everybody to report what’s going on to next door.”

We previously warned you about this issue on 03/04/20. As a result, your account will remain disabled until at least April 25, 2020. At that time, you can log into your account and access your Nextdoor neighborhood after checking a box stating that you agree to following the Guidelines.

Please let me know if I can help with anything else.


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