Pace Promises

  • Stop charging for shutting off and restoring service (water)

  • New lawyer right away (get rid of Greens forced hire lawyer)

  • Fire communications director (over paid, saves you money)

  • Make the staff do their job, ┬ásend out notices and post notice before shutting off water. (call the customer and tell them your coming)

  • Contract out services and save money on operating expenses (no more top heavy operations costs, also stops control issues)

  • Hire SDA lawyer and fire the current one day one

  • Stop taking trucks home even if you live 1/4 mile away (save on costs)

  • Hold meetings at times better for residents not one person. (Better for all residents)

  • End Nepotism for good and change bylaws to stop family hires that create a monopoly

  • Change bylaws so all elected officials use a WHMD emails and adhere to our records retention act schedule.

  • No new taxes or mill levy’s (No higher taxes PERIOD!!)

  • No more deals that give away our water, (PERIOD!!!!)

  • Forensic audit (find the money)

  • Lower the bill (save you money)

  • Do payables (show you the money )

  • End the negative attack, anti “Ron” mentality once and for all

  • Hire people with degrees and a new engineer (fresh ideas and works for us)


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3 Responses to Pace Promises

  1. Boston says:

    For those who like to do a little lite reading, this is where Troy went off on me in a session several meetings later the board humiliated a Cherokee board member Mrs. Sintas who Troy asked her, “didn’t I arrest you before” then the room erupted in laughter at this poorly timed joke. Must have been the fact she is Hispanic? I’m not sure. A compliant was filed and swept under the table at HQ.

    “I WILL NOT GAMBLE WITH OTHER PEOPLES MONEY” For some reason the board isn’t following it’s own promises, I will.


  2. Chris says:

    Ron earned our families vote.


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