May 5th you get the chance to decide if Truth, Trust and Transparency are important to you and your family. Want all three, VOTE FOR PACE


I will not allow you or your family to be subject to one board to dictate who we are and how we live.

I will not allow you to pay for more amenities without first paying down the debt.

I will not condone a board using it’s resources to attack citizens in our community

I will not sit idly by while a board pushes pet projects resulting higher monthly bills

As an elected official you expect and deserve to be in the loop on important decisions

As an elected official it is incumbent upon us to set the bar high not lower it for a few

As one man said, if you like what we do tell us if you don’t tell me I will fix it

With so many hidden agendas on the plate for Woodmen Hills now more than ever we need a fresh start with new ideas an real representatives.

ARE you better off then just 2 years ago, NO!

Why are wondering why the bills are going up and yet all the broken promises have left you feeling like why should I bother to vote at all?

Me too!

Want to change that? So do I.

On May 5th you can feel good about a candidate who has not changed mantra for anyone or sold out for a buck.

Want results, get results and please vote Ron on May 5th, you paid for lower now let me lower it for you.

I will not endorse Stacey Popovich in this election, she way to smart to be elected to this board.

5 reasons to not vote for Stacey Popovich

  • Knows more than our own lawyer on simple SDA issues (sad but true)

  • Spoke out at a board meeting against the board  (shame on her)

  • Spoke to Ron for 5 minutes at meeting (that is grounds for hanging)

  • Has a brain that actually works (that is dangerous to the current board)

  • #1 reason to not vote for Stacey Popovich.  She called Ted an “SDA” lawyer and no one accuses Ted of being a real lawyer and lives to tell about it.


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1 Response to May 5th you get the chance to decide if Truth, Trust and Transparency are important to you and your family. Want all three, VOTE FOR PACE

  1. Boston says:

    I want to respond to the boards false allegations being sent out to residents.
    I am not the reason why the “park n rec debt” was not paid off.
    Nice try to Troy and Neva Harrold.
    They can say what ever they want in an election but when it comes to facts
    both refuse to release the legal billing records to back up.

    It is easy to cast out fake news and hope it sticks to a person.

    11 jobs are at stake totaling almost a million in pay and benefits

    The board is trying to muddy the waters so I will not get votes.
    If you think about it the board is doing exactly what all previous boards have done. Just this time the have miscalculated who is going to vote.

    In 2015-16 Matt Arnold filed suit against the CRRRG and Alliance and both found to have ties to the board members and district. Want to know where the money went ask the lawyer why he was hired an why the other one left and took off to Utah?
    I post facts with files, they post matters and stuff to make you dislike me. Heck I can do that myself, LOL. Vote wisely and do your homework.
    In the end the board hired Hale Westfall and Edward Bendelow to thwart all efforts to lose. They all did it at some point. The issue is simple.
    Ron can never get elected or the truth comes out and some people go to jail.
    They know it and they know I know it. To bad Pizzi and Porter spilled the beans.
    Now it looks like some others have spilled the beans too.
    I can solve the issues but they lied to you all about the fees and if my calculations are correct the bills are about 17-20 dollars a month to high.
    I used the rate study as a guide, it is posted here on this site. Just type in “rate study” and enjoy.
    The facts do not paint the picture but Troy and Co. did file false allegations then the district was billed by Ted between 5-10 thousand to defend Troy.
    I have asked the boards to produce the records but they have fought it for the last 6 years. Ask yourself why if they have nothing and everything to prove?


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