CSPD officer Legleither (6812) gave an American a break so why not post about it.

Today while at Costco. I pulled in to get my wife her groceries and much to my chagrin I saw a CSPD had someone light up in the parking lot. Fearing that this person was going to have her day ruined, I waited for the officer to start heading back to his car before approaching.

Upon him heading toward his car I shouted out “hey officer” twice and he turned, I then exchanged pleasantries and then asked for his card.

After receiving his card, I told him I had blog and wanted to post some positive items on my site about “good cops”.

He stated the matter was “handled” and I said great then he gave me his card and I went on shopping.

See Troy I was right, there are some “GOOD COPS” on the force and I just proved who one of them is. Your not one of them and your mannerism prove it at every single meeting.


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