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A final note of why I am running and you should be frightened about me losing this election

  Simply put; 5 people are running against me and the breakdown for it is simple, 3 are for the chairman and fiscal irresponsibly and have pledged to build the rec center, Erickson, Smith, and Martin.  1 Wilson is running … Continue reading

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Think about it for a minute folks, some people think they are so smart, LOL.

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Could the powers that be stop throwing a tantrum long enough to see what you are doing is childish?

This video is for voters to understand why so many are panicking right here in Woodmen Hills. But not for the reason you think. The Corona Virus isn’t the only issue currently of concern to the “clique” and the board.

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I am so tired of special and outside interest buying elections. I call these people Anti American. Shame they have to buy seats to win.

Thanks for telling me about the typo, LOL.

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