Welcome voters and awesome Americans! Today is the day I start on my way to getting a coveted seat at the table. Cory’s departure is my energy.


Mr. Cole I know you were against the “lawsuit” duly noted.

Just remember when under oath you tell the truth, thanks.

For those who don’t know Troy “professed” his very deep concern over Mr. Pace obtaining a seat to 3 people already. Please see this latest video.

If anyone wishes to withdraw you have untilĀ  March 11, 2020

I did get confirmation that we can use our own West Rec Center for a Meet and Greet.

No need to ask Wayne, he’s got his own issues since others now know his connection to one candidate and the reason why Troy brought him in.

6 people has professed they are 1000% anti Troy Stinson what does that say about Mr. Stinson.

I will cut ops costs by 400,000 dollars without sacrificing a water quality or safety.

I will remove nepotism once and for all

I will change the way we do business in executive session

I will hire right out the gate an SDA lawyer.

Usher in a real forensic audit

Approve all expenditures on a monthly basis

Post monthly expenditures on the web site

72 hour meeting posting to all residents and hold them at hours that are convenient to you not the board.

Get rid of disconnect and reconnect fees for those who must suffer the indignity of being shut off and find a way to not shut off water to children and elderly who need it.

Fund an account from us all to help those most in need who can show a real need for help without going public and removing the stigma for it.

Hiring a new engineer

Look at contracting out office jobs to an outside contractor save you money on the bills. Other districts our size do it now and for a whole lot cheaper.

No repeat NO freaking MILL LEVY! NO NEW TAXES! KAPISH!






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