Your positive support shows me you are listening. Thanks a bunch.

Next Door update;

Next Door’s employees contacted me and said my suspension was being lifted and it was 8 others who filed complaints, Actually I got all but one right and the one I didn’t was not a surprise.

Two posts were involved, one posted in response to Art Wilson, the other Minard. In the grand scheme of things you will understand if you try to cover for you past don’t bother I post it right on this site.

One man and his wife think they own us all, and that will not pass. Think again.

The election is a referendum on Troy’s ineptitude and his wife’s actions including the last January meeting where she and the Keller Williams lady went at it. Seems Troy isn’t the only one with a temper.

Yes all board members should be forced to use a WHMD email.

Mr. Pizzi last time used his wife’s email which is not legal and violates the bylaws. One can hope he understands as he and others did not use a WHMD email.

I will use a WHMD email account

I will also post my ugly mug on the web site as this current board refused to be transparent like previous board and post pictures.

As I was told by the old director Troy didn’t want board members posting photos. But I did ask why and the board refused to respond.

For the million dollar question answered,

Why didn’t the old board fire Daniel, the engineer and the lawyer?

Well it seems they thought they were going to get reelected.

Then how come when they lost, why didn’t they do it prior to leaving?

Well as noted Greens involvement was not over according to Jan and in 2018 Green was still having comms with Woodmen Hills.

See the little things are a big deal when voting.

If Pizzi, Porter and Killett had taken action to fix the issues this would all be moot.

That is why you trust no one in an election except the most dangerous guy running.

That honor belongs to the only candidate willing to usher in a criminal and forensic audit of the PFA and others bank accounts Porter says were belonging to Green.

I applaud Walter and Jan for ratting out Lynne and Frank who had a private meeting with Troy prior to him being sworn in.

Games aside the people, behind the fix and others aren’t afraid of me, they are afraid of me exposing them for what I can prove.

No body wants to be indicted for their part, why do you think all the people come out to run? It is to make sure I do not get elected and they can keep the lies going.

That is why I am laughing so much to see others who are patsy’s or puppets for the current board.

“Dangerous”, ya to people who concealed the truth and hid financial records from 7,000+ voters.

You should be worried.

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7 Responses to Your positive support shows me you are listening. Thanks a bunch.

  1. Cindy says:

    The board hates Ron we vote for Ron


    • Boston says:

      Cindy the board does not hate me they are scared of me, big difference. After Walter and Jan Pizzi spilled the beans on Green, Troy and Ted (the lawyer) went into panic mode. Ted knows he is trying salvage his job and Troy needs to be IA investigated as to why a cop is stopping and screaming at residents and calling one woman a criminal? But we know the Chief of CSPD is a punk, ya I said it a punk. If I knew a cop accused an innocent woman of being a criminal in a meeting what’s to stop him from shooting someone or worse making fun of a person just cause they are afraid of his job? I am 55 years old and at worst would only due 10 years if push came to shove. Fear is what you watch when our meetings start. Troy’s insecurity is his short coming along with being a tic tack, LOL. Actually after my meeting with Jan and numerous meetings with Walter I got a pretty good idea where the money went. It is Troy who is concealing records and bank information. Question is why? If the board has nothing to hide then Bendelow would not be the CORA person charging a fake 7,000 to get records. As for our candidates who lie right out the gate I don’t care. One can suspend me all they want. It shows me they are so fearful of me winning they have no place to run and people like Cottey, Lazoff, Wilson and others are just puppets doing what puppets do. Wilson is an angry old man who did what he did and the El Paso county records say exactly that. By the way when good ole Art was contacted by them he told the cops he was just joking. BS Art. The Sheriff was Makita’s boys and we all know how bias they were now don’t we? When people understand who the players are you know a vote for them is a death vote for Woodmen Hills. what is amazing is no one and I mean no one is asking question out of fear and is you look at the meetings the only people coming are the “regulars” as the community has thrown in the towel already. How come the laws do not apply to a select few, that’s cause a certain developer in 2008 Jan, met with Terry Makita and told him to “sit” on me. Why would a multi millionaire do that? That was the first meeting I recorded in 2008, the Feb 26 meeting, where Larry told the board “Rusty” had a very successful meeting with the Sheriff. Well you know the rest. Mr. Porter is now explaining what I knew to be true, Green held onto 4 million dollars of district money and when pressed he gave back 3 million of it. The money is not on the books for Woodmen Hills and our cop pal knows it. So does the lawyer who was hired to get my house and double dipped in court and got caught, straight up. Walter is just doing what Pizzi and others will not. He is clearing his … but at least his comments are right. Have a nice day. If you come into the race and lie right out the gate you will be called on it. As for vailed threats don’t, I’ve heard them all. Troy is afraid of me being elected not because I will be on the board but I will get automatic access to records he is trying to hide with Bendelow, that’s the reason Bendelow lied about me being able to get PFA records. That is why a cop is scared of being outted. Simple question, if you are not hiding anything why would it be necessary to not give me the files showing who and where the money is?


  2. Tom says:

    Minard removed the post withdrawing from the election on Next Door.


    • Boston says:

      Williams says she is still a candidate until she files papers. My sources say she did it to get support but only time will tell. If she is still a candidate by weeks end I will post what I found.

      This one has all the makings of one fun ride. The people deserve better and how funny is it the elected officials act worse then I did yet they get a pass.

      I got the fun bunch all 8 of them calling for my head, LOL.


    • Boston says:

      Hey sir, long time. As this goes the board is really hoping the team of Wilson, Smith, and Minard will carry the day. As for others this is all for my benefit.
      There are a total of 6 for this race so it should be fun. They are all living their worst nightmare, I am running on my own and with the track record and such
      I can see this one has them worried. Al Kreps is trying to muddy the waters on Next Door again. LOL.
      This board (not all) are trying to push a project then expect us to foot the bill. Nothing has changed but you were right.
      Different players same game. Keep Ron out off the board and get rewarded. You can see the fear and Troy is crapping a Twinkie.


    • Boston says:

      She was officially removed on Weds by Wayne. 5 days after she said it on Next Door.


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