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Nonprofit Act with annotations for records inspection

  I have asked for records very politely from Woodmen Hills and the staff and board are still refusing to yield the records for the PFA.

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New Cora video and this one has teeth to it. Edward Bendelow picked a fight with the wrong guy, I have nothing to lose.

See video please

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Explosive news coming out of Woodmen Hills about the board and Troy Stinson AKA “Principal Officer” for the PFA, yes you heard right!

Update, on 12-6-2019 I verified that Rachel Gavin Hawkins does in fact have PFA records. Is it the board and Edward Bendelow instructing her to deny the position of such records? In short order I have proof the records existence.  … Continue reading

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Pay attention people Mattson, Howell, and LaCroix are at it again and this time they ….. Fear is an ugly thing to watch, don’t vote until you watch this video.

The document you are seeing is not an actual “vote” but a legal right to assign your rights to one of 4 candidates. (corrected) You are assigning the rights to the secretary of the board, who can then assign the … Continue reading

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