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A serious message for all Woodmen Hillers who pay the bill, you have rights and Mr. Pace has a message for you.

See video and thanks for being GREAT AMERICANS! Want to thank a soldier, be the American worth defending!  

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A Woodmen Hills ex board member comes forward and tells the truth on Edward Bendelow, stay tuned!

    I have sent Jan Pizzi an email this morning asking a simple question as it has a lot to do with who “voted” to hire Edward. As I understand Peterson, Cozzilino, and the board were in the meeting. … Continue reading

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Woodmen Hills water board gave Randy Case the deal he wanted and in the process gave more water out in the process. He %$%$ his own community for money.

This board will go down as the most fucked up board in WHMD history. Fair warning to, Mr. LePage, if you come near me again like you did on Stapleton Rd in a WHMD truck, we will be having words … Continue reading

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“Troy town” part two and my recap of a meeting I didn’t even attend, LOL 2.5 million for the new expansion rec center?

Ask Woodmen Hills if they are using the 1.4 million they collected from this contract to build the extension or even if they got the money. The cloak of silence is in full force.   No commentary needed here. 500+ … Continue reading

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