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Tonight’s board meeting canceled. Without further adue, I present the actual Ron Pace the one you never get to see. As I told Cory Gambardella, I treat people accordingly.

Mr. Stinson whether it be today or tomorrow your grip on others and me will end soon enough. You will blame no one but yourself. I didn’t start the fight but after 10 years of elected people like you I … Continue reading

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How a son learns from his father. And how an elected official/ cop teaches others by action not words. Being an ahole doesn’t take much. But being morally correct and ethical lasts a life time.

Well son I George Carlin said it best. “when you speak the truth everyone is your friend, except when the truth is about you” This is a flag waiving contest and one overly excited person picked a fight with a … Continue reading

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Water board tries to circumvent the 1st Amendment via public comment and the board has proven they are all full of shit, and liars.

  On 6-25-2019 I received an email from a quasi municipal government located about 12 miles east of Colorado springs called Woodmen Hills Metropolitan District. The district is a quasi municipal government under title 32 and is required to hold … Continue reading

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