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Good luck Jodie and Kevin Jordan

We here at Exposed want to thank Jodie Jordan for her 21 minute conversation. We here want to wish them well moving to ….. Thanks for clearing up the “Pizzi” saga as I was once again 100% correct. We here … Continue reading

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Woodmen Hills board meeting recap with public comment on the agenda. The board hires a ringer in “Wayne Williams” to shut down the recall. Mr. Stinson just made the biggest mistake of his soon to be short lived political career.

Woodmen Hills amended a the banking matters but low and behold who is the person they put on the accounts for handling hundreds of thousands of dollars. Hint, Troy didn’t read the name he commented on it. So much for … Continue reading

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The lies stop here! “NOT an HOA” and I got proof to back it up. I said the people are willing to believe. The “lie” becomes the truth absent the truth.

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President Trump isn’t guilty of shit but not being a politician, try following suit you assholes or resign and get the fuck out of our way!

  We as a “country” are coming together to take it back, blood shed or not “this land is our land” and no amount of left or right is going to stop it. It is always the same, when one … Continue reading

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