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Without further adue. I present Mr. Pace the man opposed to tyranny and oppression buy any such governmental agency. Thanks for watching.

I have given my files to a 3 party for safe keeping knowing if those recordings and videos disappear, I am fish bait for sure. Attention K-Mart shoppers, you heard about the “new” boards claims to be different and to … Continue reading

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We are a nation built on “DEFINANCE”, when did you all learn to be sheep? If the law didn’t allow those who choose to create an HOA should also suffer the same way for altering lives and families because they had no right to do so. Now go call a judge or cop both of which were invented for the purpose of maintaining a “social norm” of society. Did you know “Police” were born for the purpose of “keeping” slaves from running away from plantations? Just a little reminder of who runs this “great country”. True freedom isn’t free or did you all forget how we became America in the first place?

Mr. Pace sets the record straight and due to the admission by Micah Howell on 2-27-2019 at the DRC meeting, I am retrieving the records to show the number of people he was responsible for suing as a board member … Continue reading

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Woodmen Hills covenant fight shows it ugly head and the Water Board was front and center in this one. I asked nicely for records but got CORABLOCKED, by the lawyers and Troy’s board.

The assignment documents as filed shows the names of the 5 owners who caused to be filed the original 1120-H tax document and the “assignment” document, which was bogus as filing 11 was not an “HOA” nor was it to … Continue reading

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A short video without the sarcasm. Thanks for watching.

Troy Dwayne Stinson you owe me some money for losing in court! 2014 is not going to repeat itself. Sorry but I had to buy 3 new replacement cameras and wait for the new one to show up. After I … Continue reading

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