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Troy Stinson wants and expects Mr. Pace to get “pissed off” over CORA and others matters to prevent meeting attendance and such, ya not gonna happen but that transparency is sure good to see.

In the latest issue over records Mr. Pace kindly and legally requested a simple record. The record requested was for the “proposal” ratified by Woodmen Hills on 1-24-2019 That request was denied without legal citing nor any reasonable reason but … Continue reading

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“PERSONAL ISSUE” at Woodmen Hills still being dealt with but mums the word on who is getting a fat check

To the person going after Woodmen Hills as spoken at the 1-24-2019 board meeting. Get all the cash you deserve, because you earned it! If you need me to testify do not hesitate to contact me. This district needs to … Continue reading

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Troy “the dirty boy” Stinson V Ron “the legal way” Pace TBA. Elected official V The Legend

If Troy isn’t “dirty” at least he is “questionable” and that’s enough for me. The Bent Grass “amendment” is what did it for me and the lack of total transparency as promised by him and others before they got elected … Continue reading

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Woodmen Hills sells Bent Grass water and doesn’t have the balls to post it on the ajenda under apprent legal advise. Troy and Co. went rogue for the benefit of money and sold Woodmen Hills water to the highest bidder.

Here is the email from Bent Grass manager for Case in Co. Kevin Walker of Walker Schooler and Associates. Mr. Pace, The Bent Grass Board has not had a hearing on or accepted any agreement with Woodmen Hills Metropolitan District.  … Continue reading

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