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Troy Stinson V Ron Pace the ruling in its entirety and Ted Bendelow requested a copy of it, why? He was not a party to the case as stated in court.

Update; on October 30th 2018 I filed or a bill of cost for the case against Troy Stinson who lost. On November 5th Troy filed a response to my request for costs, the law is I had 21 days to file … Continue reading

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Woodmen Hills employee Jeremy LePage makes more vailed threats on Next Door and Troy Stinson “city employee” and Cory Gambardella support violence in the community by letting Jeremy LePage

Here is the latest posting by a man who by appearances is going to blow a gasket. Jeremy LePage I hope someone comes to my door 12883 Pine Vally Cir. You will not get my signature but might get something … Continue reading

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Falcon Vista V Woodmen Hills and proof by a “preponderance of evidence” is Falcon Vista may not be legally required to pay the park n rec fee after all

On October 26 2018 Mr. Pace sent this email to the board of directors after Mr. Pace cornered Troy Stinson for a real answer after the board meeting. Falcon Vista Hello all, Here are the documents I said I would … Continue reading

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Troy Stinson let it escalate into a feeding frenzy and then said, “have I arrested you before”, opening the door after whining to a judge the Mr. Pace, “invited the criminal element to his home”.

Record number of hits  hours after the meeting Mrs. Renee Sintas the board member for Cherokee just proved all along that Me, Myself and I, was accurate all these years and someone gave out bad, really fucking bad advise on the … Continue reading

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