2009 V 2018 Transcripts are here from the August 22 hearing read’em an weap.

The facts are in and we can say this much Jonathan Martins posts and comments on Next Door are of record and so will his recordings on my phone and others sites.We are elated to know and excited to have kept our recordings and text messages.

We were right and this might be the most talked about matter for months and since our first amendment rights are being taken away by you know who.

this isn’t over by a long shot. It’s bad enough when judges don’t have the facts then make rulings but we have the facts and none of them add up to dog shit.

We know this much, Jonathan “I only got a speeding ticket” is in for a fun filled day. We know this, due to our list of witnesses the case in all fact will not settle on September 6th.

Rest assured we know now what we didn’t know then. As the judge put it,  “credibility” is on the line and we got the covered.

Our first amendment rights are being challenged in a RO case, Andy Koen cited in our conversation.

Here is the Transcripts of the hearing on August 22, 2018.

We also know a few things we didn’t know yesterday and thanks to our friend who came by

telling us someone one was trying to get me arrested.

Guess my friend who is being watched by the district cameras isn’t full of it.

Here are the case numbers of reports that took place the morning after the famous July

26th board meeting as called into EPSO.

We don’t have the reports but that is a minor issue as we said it here this is retaliation in

the purest form, the naysayers can kiss my ass.

Now where in the fuck in the world could someone learn how to be such an @#$#@%$

with a vendetta and street thug attitude?

2018 00138097

Second case report is

2018 00138076

We know he is a great source of the truth.

Thanks to our friend.

10th circuit court of appeals here we come! And I for one welcome it big time!



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