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More explosive then chronic DIARRHEA!

We have a clip of Ron at the Dunkin Donuts at 0927 but we don’t know how to load an AVI file. If you know how to convert it let us know. Fashioned after the famous  “where’s waldo” we have … Continue reading

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Jerry Jacobson get promoted but did he get the pay to go with it?

How much is Jerry Jacobson making? The numbers are from 100,000 to 137,000 annual salary plus truck according to the current salary range reported for the position. Does anyone know? Ok since they are not going to live up to … Continue reading

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CSU Utilities meetings and information and a call to Jonathan in Cherokee as a follow up. CSU call Exposed back and its recorded, Troy, …… .

Hey which is worse a cop who lies to make others look bad or the Ron Pace for catching  him in a video recorded lie. Attention defense lawyers of El Paso County pay attention. At approximately 10:35 we received a … Continue reading

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Clearing our name is easy. Recalls easier when you got the truth to back it up. Thanks to El Paso County for the assist.

After watching the meeting video again, it is clear Troy was very specific in that he says he saw me there with when the ladies went in, a video of me being there earlier. He said he saw the video and if true my video is … Continue reading

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