Where’s the job posting for the “new” General managers position?

Update 6-20-2018

Ok now it is 6 days after the 14th board meeting and still no job posting for the “General Managers position, ok Lisa Enterprise director your job is secure via Troy and Carl, now how about a job description to go with the opening?

Transparency begins with being transparent.

On June 14th 2018 at a “special meeting” the board announced the hiring of a “general manager”.

Since then we are looking for the posting to put on this site as it is public record

So where is it?

We know the new hire will love the full drama of having to work in an environment where his bosses know diddley squat and the smartest person is the guy running this site and you will have the distinction of knowing Mr. Pace was going to apply but Troy, Carl and Russell are not fans, Just kidding I don’t have formal education to do it but 12 years of this made for television drama is all I have and that’s not experience so everyone breath  a sigh of relief.

If nothing else the qualified person will have to stand up to the board and we will lend you a pair so you needn’t worry about that part.

You will however have the honor of knowing me and all that comes with that, LOL.

Just think of the countless hours you’ll spend conspiring with the new board on innovative ways to stick to one “special” community member in ES, LOL.

Just think of the hours of fun you’ll have coming up with new schemes to deny public records releases and watch Ron blow a gasket, pure fun for the entire family.

At least if nothing else you might be able to chase off Mr. Pace and as a reward get a 2018 Ford Explorer as a gift, just kidding.

Come on by and get the book on Ron and his many historic events like “Ron’s foreclosure” and “how to shut Ron up”, “how to get the girls in the office to cry wolf”, “door blocking by Miller” and a special guide to screwing with Ron absolutely free just for applying.

Think of all the fun you and the board will have in Executive Session talking shit about Mr. Pace and how much fun you’ll The lawyers© will have bringing up the past and the best high cost way to deal with it cause they need new cars too.

Discover the fun you’ll have pulling the wool over Mr. Paces eyes all while watching him stroke trying to make Woodmen Hills the place you thought you bought when you bought it.

If nothing else you get to tell Ron NO and nothing fires up Ron nothing more than hearing the word NO. Of course you get the customary new vehicle for playing and if your lucky the board will give you the right to “ban” Ron cause well heck why not everyone else has done it why not you, LOL.

So get that application in and start by saying in the interview you hate Ron and are against transparency, truth, and trust. This will impress the new board and will put you right at the to of the list. Who knows you may get to sue Ron for some BS stuff cause everyone else has and why mess up a good thing and the lawyers will be forever grateful for the bag of cash and just think of all the fun you’ll have calling records attorney client when they are not.

So if you got what it takes to be devious, deceitful, vindictive, condescending, sarcastic, contemptuous, unprofessional, secretive and if you just can’t stand Mr. Pace Woodmen Hills has a job for you!

If noting else you’ll be in good company and think of endless hours of laughter you can have listening Peterson and Gambardella relive the memories of all the shit they gave Ron while collecting those fat checks and acting like buttholes on the clock at board meetings and such under “so called” director of the themselves and the clique.

Plus in the contract you will never ever and we mean ever be forced to speak to Ron, that incentive right there is enough to do the job for free but not here at cash cow Woodmen Hills, while roasting Marshmallows and eating smores with Peterson and Gambardella you can poke fun at Ron and learn the secrets of how the clique got away with all kinds of illegal behavior while keeping Ron out of the buildings.

Just think one board member was “going to get Ron back into the building’s” cause he such a swell guy, LOL.

Just think of all the fun you’ll have treating Ron like a TPOS and still get paid 6 figures.

Plus as an added bonus you will receive the adoration of the clique and the previous boards for covering up the past indiscretions and saving Woodmen Hills from being outed and held accountable, so bring the resume and sign up cause an offer like this will not last long. Get yours today!

Trust Exposed, you never have more fun at work and we guarantee it.


Stayed Tuned!

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