Ted Bendelow AKA ORD responds with the following,….. denial after denial and redactions for expenditures that the new board knew about from jump street.

Denied with a twist, see at Exposed we know who is sending the denials and to the board we wanted to let you and the rest know Lisa Peterson is the one actually sending CORA to Ted and actually copying Ted on it as will be shown right here.

After I demonstrate the truth lets see how the agent of law ENFORCEMENT  reacts to watching the lie being perpetrated by ORD who is the one who actually denied the request with Ted being copied. We are not sure how to print the entire thread so please bare with us. Presenting evidence and proof any good cop can see.

The IP address as shown in our trail is coming from that is a local IP address. don’t believe us follow these simple instructions and you to can find the trail.

Open up outlook or any email on the down arrow on the right side you can open up and view what is called “view message source” then right click on it and batta bing batta boom. You can see who and were the message came from and who started it. This example shows Woodmen Hills not Ted Bendelow is sending the denials from WHMD not Ted in this instance. So Lisa Peterson is messing with CORA in this instance not TED so to the cop on the board put on your big boy pants and do the job you said you came here to do cause we know the ladies want to and Lukins and Reiter will not cause they are friends and buddies with the clique.

Pay attention class this is a lesson in why Peterson is trying to get a rise out of me and the board is allowing  her do just like that. Ladies of the board here is proof and one particular person doesn’t want to “ruin” lives but its ok to screw with Mr. Pace.

Oh in case you forget this it what evidence of the games people play and this is not the first time Peterson has taken the request and twisted it to get the denial effect.

Mr. Pace,
From your lengthy response e-mail, it appears that you’re asking for information concerning the number and type of contracts that WHMD has executed in at least the past 7 years, suggesting that WHMD provide you a list of all such contracts.
Under CORA, “Public records” means and includes all writings made, maintained, or kept by the state, any agency, institution, a nonprofit corporation incorporated pursuant to section 23-5-121(2), C.R.S., or political subdivision of the state, or that are described in section 29-1-902, C.R.S., and held by any local-government-financed entity for use in the exercise of functions required or  authorized by law or administrative rule or involving the receipt or expenditure of public funds.” C.R.S. § 24-72-202(6)(a)(I). And, CORA provides that, “’Writings’ means and includes all books, papers, maps, photographs, cards, tapes, recordings, or other documentary materials, regardless of physical form or characteristics.” C.R.S. § 24-72-202(7).

WHMD does not have a list of all contracts it has executed in the past 7 years. It is not obligated to create and provide you with such a list under CORA.

This Completes your request.

Read the highlighted portion of what was sent via Lisa Peterson in the denial, to be Boston, I never “F” in asked for a “list” of any kind and this is the kind of shit I have had to put up with for 6 years. I am considering my next move right now and maybe if cause a big enough commotion the FBI will come down and ask me what the hell is going on.

So to the one board member who is dead set on being part of the boys club, now is not the time to do it and have you figured out why? Messing with people is not in the job description for a director. Still think Ron is just a pain in the ass?

Denied, Denied, Denied is all we got, one redaction and nonresponse to waive fees by the board for records as I asked and they didn’t address it.

Heck to waiving the fees why didn’t the new board just tell Ted to cough up the ledgers without redaction? Well as I said we are going to get those ledgers, 1099’s and w-2’s one way or the other.

In a matter of 1 hour Exposed received most of the open CORA requests from ORD AKA Lisa Peterson via a game we call hide the records. See ORD is the email we send the CORA to and Lisa Peterson then forwards the items to Bend e low  and he processes (denies) the requests. We will post them with the corresponding emails sent by Bend o….. in due time.

Here are the latest CORA responses complete what email trails because we are transparent.

Right out the gate and the lawyer via the board are denying the release of emails as we learned Ted and Lisa either did this on their own or got orders on this and direction from the new board because we copied them all on it. On July 7th 2018 we asked for simple emails from Lisa to the board and vice versa we said it then and now is this this kind of transparency you expected when you voted, right? We let the votes and public see the facts not just or opinion. If they claimed it is protected they are to provide a log of the emails sent if the requestor wishes to take it to court. Ted and Lisa once again proved transparency is a fluid concept, let’s keep going shall we.

In a second email sent 1 hour and 15 minutes later Mr. Ted sent this tidbit to fall back on.


C.R.S. § 24-72-204(3) provides that, “The custodian shall deny the right of inspection of the following records, unless otherwise provided by law… Trade secrets, privileged information, and confidential commercial, financial, geological, or geophysical data, including a social security number unless disclosure of the number is required, permitted, or authorized by state or federal law, furnished by or obtained from any person.” C.R.S. § 24-72-204(3)(a)(IV).

The exception made in subsection (3)(a)(IV) for “privileged information” incorporates the common law deliberative process privilege. The purpose of the privilege is to protect the frank exchange of ideas and opinions critical to the government’s decision-making process where disclosure would discourage such discussion in the future. Thus, material prepared by a governmental employee is not subject to disclosure if the court finds that the material is both predecisional and deliberative and that disclosure would be likely to adversely affect the purposes of the privilege and stifle frank communication within an agency. City of Colo. Springs v. White, 967 P.2d 1042 (Colo. 1998). C.R.S. § 24-72-204(3) also provides that, “The custodian shall deny the right of inspection of the following records, unless otherwise provided by law…Records protected under the common law governmental or “deliberative process” privilege, if the material is so candid or personal that public disclosure is likely to stifle honest and frank discussion within the government, unless the privilege has been waived. The general assembly hereby finds and declares that in some circumstances, public disclosure of such records may cause substantial injury to the public interest. If any public record is withheld pursuant to this subparagraph (XIII), the custodian shall provide the applicant with a sworn statement specifically describing each document withheld, explaining why each such document is privileged, and why disclosure would cause substantial injury to the public interest. If the applicant so requests, the custodian shall apply to the district court for an order permitting him or her to restrict disclosure. The application shall be subject to the procedures and burden of proof provided for in subsection (6) of this section. All persons entitled to claim the privilege with respect to the records in issue shall be given notice of the proceedings and shall have the right to appear and be heard. In determining whether disclosure of the records would cause substantial injury to the public interest, the court shall weigh, based on the circumstances presented in the particular case, the public interest in honest and frank discussion within government and the beneficial effects of public scrutiny upon the quality of governmental decision-making and public confidence therein. C.R.S. § 24-72-204(3)(a)(XIII).

In addition, pursuant to the definition of “Public Records” included in C.R.S. § 24-72-204(6), “Public Records” “…does not include…[w]ork product prepared for elected officials. However, elected officials may release, or authorize the release of, all or any part of work product prepared for them.” C.R.S. § 24-72-204(6)(b)(2).


On June 6th Ted Bendelow in violation of CORA denied Exposed copies of employment contracts for the umpteenth time and the board knew of it as we copied them on it so your new board juxtaposition denied two new CORA for innocuous records including refusing to waive the fee for the ledgers so I guess Troy isn’t as truthful as he claimed to be.

As Troy said to me on a recorded call early on, “I don’t want to ruin people lives”, but it was ok for them to ruin mine right? Troy just a simple question did you run a background check on me too? You didn’t have to I would have given you my records up front I have nothing to hide.

Troy you set the tone of what was to come and that was before the election. That’s not all he said but I am not afraid or ashamed of what we talked about so Troy bring it on as we say in Boston.

Before the election you did say things would be different and yet the board for a third time in 6 weeks just let Teddy and Peterson call the shots and you heard it here first. We asked for a waiver in the emails and now the “new” board if 1.5 for 5  for CORA. We did get some BS documents on the new Ford Explorer, whoopie.

Now we can establish the board is the same circus with different entertainers at least so far.

Where’s the transparency you all promised?

Guess after the election “transparency” has a different meaning.

Still wonder why I am pissed off cause this is not what voters voted for and they set the tone in the second meeting right out the gate and I support the board but not at the expense of hiding information from the public which was the crux of what they all touted and to Sherry I am disappointed to see you sit there and let this go down like this I had hoped for better from you.

This establishes you lied to me for support and now the the community as I recorded both meet and greets and now Ted and Lisa proved who runs the show in only 6 weeks.

What are you hiding that is so criminal that we need the FBI to do a real investigation or in the alternative  have the Attorney General come in and clean house.

Only 6 weeks and the transparency is not here. Why didn’t the board tell Bendelow and Peterson to turn over the unredacted documents?


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10 Responses to Ted Bendelow AKA ORD responds with the following,….. denial after denial and redactions for expenditures that the new board knew about from jump street.

  1. Micah says:

    The law clearly states you are not entitled to what ever emails you want.

    Thought you were leaving. Isn’t that what you said at the last meeting. Also you mentioned something about a final post.

    I was going to wish you farewell and good luck, but it seem you weren’t or aren’t being honest.


    • Boston says:

      Welcome to the site spineless, glad to see you crawled out from under your rock. I guess you read how the board is just a redue of the clique and decided to chime in and though why not get in on the action. Don’t worry I have to wait until the BK stuff is resolved then I can move. For Kicks I am going to get 180 signatures to get you off the board before I go anywhere, is that going to be an issue punk? Sorry, Warrant Officer Howell of the US mellow drama.
      No love loss and just check out my new video with some love thrown your way because being a jerk isn’t your only forte.
      How come you don’t stroll by anymore as you told the DA you did on a daily basis? Sorry you “jogged” by my home on a “regular” basis as stated by the DA.
      Where’s my manors, you don’t deserve an explanation but why not since I am an expert and you a worth…, nevertheless, all communications are considered public and I framed the request as such. As Ted “bust my balls” Bendelow has done is give anyone who wishes to challenge him in court the basis to do so. He is to provide a log of emails which he has not done again you can claim whatever you want but it must come with a log showing the which documents are to be withheld Teddy has never done that.
      The fun part is as soon I get the injunction together it will be up to a judge not Ted and the “new” board as they were copied on all of it as I can prove was the case and the most priceless part is my new video will be a real eye opener as I said I had conversations with almost all the new members except Carl and Russell but to Russell’s defense he wasn’t on the board but he did ignored my voice mail like so many others.
      I sought the assistance from an expert in CORA and his name is Jeff Roberts of the CFOIA and he unlike you instigator he knows the rules for CORA and he at my request provided cases where like Denver Post v a slew of towns, cities and counties were given the records so I am not worried and Ted doesn’t scare me but I will be interesting to see how the “new” board will give Ted direction to fight this cause they are the authority this action will set the stage for showing which way the board is headed with being transparent.
      What is clear the “new” board members campaigned on wanting change and a new direction, going down the drain would not have been my first choice.
      If this escalates to where I think it’s going the new boards claim of transparency or lack thereof will be on display for all to see as they will be fighting voters, residents, and my supporters to stop the transparency they all touted to get elected.
      Hence the term “kicking me in the balls” and “slapping me in the face” will be clear.
      I guess when Troy asked Reiter to run he had his reasons, right Troy? Not to worry I hide nothing and my video will clear it up.

      To use a coined phrase “it’s going to be a shit show” unless the board starts being transparent.
      Ted Bendelow works for us via the board not the other way around. And for the record , Ted and his counterpart the other lawyer for Woodmen Hills as shown to the new board were at the BK hearing trying to get it tossed and you and the rest of Woodmen Hills paid for it. So if I seem a tad bit pissed off its cause Woodmen Hills paid for it and this board now knows it.
      Let’s see how they respond or not respond as Woodmen Hills Metro district did pay to try and take me out as proven, that is why I asked for the ledgers to prove where the money came from and I will explain it to a judge and watch the it all go sideways for the district.
      I stand where you fear to go all you got is mind fuck games you like to play on weaker people. Just pick the time and place ok Micah and we can hash it out unless you like screwing with people. See officers in the Army (not all) think their shit doesn’t stink and this is one narcissistic example.
      Oh why don’t you and the HOA start paying for the use of the West Center as it hasn’t been done since inception of filing 11 and as the district says “everyone pays” how come filing 11 isn’t paying?
      That’s right folks filing 11 has never paid for using the West Center since inception cause the old boards were FTOBs.


      • Micah says:

        Well Mr Pace to be factual I have walked, driven, and Avenza jogged one of my regular routes on Rio Secco, about once a week since my return in November. Just because you have had the opportunity to harrass me in person doesn’t mean I haven’t been on the road, passing your house. I never told the DA I pass your house daily. The statement made was “regularly”, “several times before (the January incident,) and several times after, and I have the gps tracks to prove it.”
        You know good and well every member of the board pays for use of the recreation center.
        No need for name calling, just be factual.
        You claim transparency but rarely post my comments as originally written or even completely. Can you explain to your readers why that is?
        What is it that makes you “an expert”? Did I miss your license, your degree? Please enlighten me as to your expert status that lost three recall elections, a defamation case brought by you, and how attempts to get on a board of directors for the water district, the school district and the HOA.
        You claim and profess to readers the district is wasting money and mismanaging, doesn’t do things according to law but can you tell readers, Why is it your bankrupt, again? Please feel free to post this response.
        You also claim I run and hide from you yet you refuse to speak, politely and with reason, in public encounters, like passing our at Safeway, or the auto parts store, or outside of meetings. Why is that?
        Pleas Id like to hear and see your response.


      • Boston says:

        Mr. Howell to address you will be easy.
        #1 I accept your challenge pick the time and place please as I don’t run from anyone but the caveat is the judge told me and you know this, to stay away from you but you insist on trying to make contact with me. The goating is getting old, your gloating is old and so is this empty banter. Call me out and let’s settle this right now.
        #2 Every “board member” pays for the use but not the HOA which is different the HOA is a nonprofit organization using the facility The HOA is and has not paid to use the facility. It is not for personal use but HOA use.
        #3 Experts don’t need licensing, let’s see how the CORA matter pans out in court. I have to show a judge that what the district is withholding is public and would not present harm to the parties but that is for a judge and last I looked you are not but it is about being transparent and they all campaigned on it.
        #4 Get your facts straight, one lost recall under my name you forgot to mention WHMD spending almost 50,000 of our money to defeat it along with Green
        #5 My election losses are no issue for me I learned to live with it. Are you trying to fuck with me on a physiological level? Good luck.
        #6 HOA lost to us in court you weren’t there and we had the HOA for charging 600% interest and compiling fees and disparate enforcement, before you say it if HOA had the goods they should have not stopped but they did.
        #7 You lost in court (2015) to me like a bitch and blamed it on some BS leave matter but it was you who lied as the DA said you told her you couldn’t come back but flew to DC the week (est.) after what a joke and you never produced your communications with your commander to show you told command staff in the first place. Save it, it’s my understanding my lawyer contacted command to get the story straight and they didn’t know about it. Now as recorded on record if the DA lied then she can be disbarred for her actions, so did she make it up?
        #8 My BK was the result of the flyers and WHMD’s the federal filings are on record if you care to read them and I gave the board a copy of the filed documents showing WHMD using and paying the same lawyers who are part of 3 cases, foreclosure, CRRRG and the Alliance and WHMD expending legal fees for that. So if they think I am going away think again. When I get enough money to hire a lawyer because I know Troy wants to protect the district from liability we will see how it goes. What pisses you off is simply this, you were hoping that HOA, Woodmen Hills, the lawyers, cops, and deputies, extraneous others, employees were successful in getting the house and you could gloat some more but it all failed and in the end simple enough. I didn’t forget the shit you said so the ball is in your court.
        #9 To respond, the judge in the dismissed case she said for me to stay away from you even though you came looking for a fight and to gloat over my loss in the flyer case and as for public encounters do you really want me to respond? Just so I understand you want me to engage you? I didn’t say you “run” or “hide” so to speak you hide behind lawyers and run from reality to what you tried and failed to do just like the others.
        In the cases that mattered I won and that is why I am here and that pisses you and the Pizzi era goons off something awful, that is why Peterson and Co. are glad Officer Troy Stinson saved their jobs so far.
        Please name the time and place I accept your call out, you forgot I didn’t forget the Wrights and those kids you fucked over and the other hundred or so you affected by your HOA decisions while cowering behind the lawyers or was Andy Koen wrong too?
        Here is my cell phone 719 217 0891 do not ever hesitate to call me when you want to call me out.
        Now is the fact that I am putting together a petition to rid filing 11 of you since Gary failed to? Or is it the fact he has nothing but excuses for your behavior?
        See this is what the judge never saw the likes of you but I have.
        If you want to keep playing mind fuck games I think the readers will get the hint pretty quick.
        Keep this in mind as filed in BK court and given to the new board, a judge told Woodmen Hills lawyers to file a brief to support taking my home and after a 40 page response withdrew, ever wonder why they withdrew? Not the reason cited but the reason I collected insurance records that showed some fun facts the court got courtesy of Northwestern Mutual and others.
        This new board will not be hiding the facts like the other boards did and if they think I can’t win think again. If the boys are beating up on the girls I will hear about it and then stand back and let Ron put on his big boy pants.
        I know I am old now and out of shape but if the board wants Ted and Lisa to continue to hide facts then it’s on and I rather take my chances with the judge.

        Thanks to our readers for catching the comment error. When Mr. Howell sent a second comment it went to spam and we posted a this comment to it. After a reader caught the error it was noticed it was show coming from Exposed not Micah. We asked WordPress how this happened and they say since it went to spam and was recovered the reply was treated as coming from Exposed. Thanks for catching that one. WordPress assisted and verified the original comment and we re posted it in its original form. Weird.


      • Boston says:

        Note; the Ford Explorer is gone for the second weekend in a row.


  2. Legaleagle says:

    In response to this posting look at this link to BK filings. http://www.uscourts.gov/services-forms/bankruptcy
    Woodmen Hills attorneys of record are in this instance the same for cases against Mr Pace as filed in various jurisdictions though out Colorado. The closed foreclosure case in El Paso County references this number 15CV32957. Mr. Edward Bendelow’s only concern is with shielding Woodmen Hill from liability of past administrations. Having followed this site for sometime one can make a case for obstruction over the release of records currently released by other special districts. Mr. Pace is not the enemy here. Think twice before refusing to release information other special district release all the time. The basis of any good compliant is establishing proof of actions or in action. Take for instance if other special districts are willing to release the same information a judge may be thinking if other districts gave Mr. Pace the information why is Woodmen Hills not allowing it to happen? Proceed carefully courts side with the public most of the time in these kinds of cases.


  3. Legaleagle says:

    Mr. Pace try this site


  4. Legaleagle says:

    To the board of directors for Woodmen Hills please review the Supreme Courts ruling on deliberative process and privileged records.
    This case mirrors documents Mr. Bendelow incorrectly denied.


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