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For those who are unclear, Exposed is and has been seeking financial records for years and the board and district has made CORA what it is.

The Attorney referenced is an expert in CORA. When lawyers tell the board that they have an opinion it is their opinion only. What will be fun is what Exposed has said for years will happen if there is no … Continue reading

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Another CORA request denied by the staff and this time zero logic and zero citation cited as we can establish this board is just beyond words at this point.

Updated 7-4-2018; Houston we have CORA and we updated our post as we posted the incorrect denial from 2017 and updated it for this posting showing the new response form 7-3-2018 and the original denial located below. We are still … Continue reading

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Simple question, what is the boards malfunction? And Mr. Ringen you have been corrected. I suspected as much it was the board who shut down not Exposed.

This email was sent on 6-19-2018 to the CORA department and it is 6-28-2018 for a response 9 days later. Video to come later. Hello, This question¬†is to anyone who dares to send a response cause we need to know … Continue reading

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2011 defeated service plan amendment with 65 mills on tap for levy and $11,000,000 for the park n rec. Grab a drink and lets take a walk down memory lane for the new board of …

Over 400 hits in a non election cycle day is great, thanks. Record number for hits in 6 hours for this posting. We here at exposed knew the voters will not stand for the wool being pulled over their eyes.¬† … Continue reading

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