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Confirmed reports of Killett and Porter at District office without DEO present with ballot box view, is that what anyone would call “secure”?

Another tip and video of Porter and now Killett joining in. You decide, you see the video and you make a decision. Upon receiving a tip that two board members were at the office Exposed went over to confirm the … Continue reading

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Next Door is all a buzz over ….. We are updating as we get new posts.

This is exactly the reason we need new board members.  This solidifies what I said the other day.  I have one question, if the person in the rant is as stated wanted his wife to  “take” a job elsewhere, how is … Continue reading

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Urgent Notice to voters in Woodmen Hills!

Update; Today we have dispatched a “poll watcher” for team Pace. The rules are clear and candidates can have “watchers” in the room to ensure it is all above-board. Since Constance Goodwin flat-out refused to release the judges names we … Continue reading

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Mr. Pace spends his tax return on his own campaign and Woodmen Hills employees destroys his campaign signs costing over $600.00, You want transparency you got transparency.

Mr. Pace filed his report and this is not the final one but the first one and this is how transparency works and should be.

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