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D-49’s Brett Ridgeway implies Woodmen Hills (does) gets “Preferential treatment” once again. Stay tuned!

Update 4-2-2018 Mr. Ridgeway, please comply with the cost breakdown for using the unit for 3 hours on a weekday.  As I suspected Woodmen Hills does get preferential treatment. Good to know.  The connection is the candidates are all Woodmen … Continue reading

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A storm is brewing for Woodmen Hills, Stay tuned! DEO Constance Goodwin is refusing to respond and the hole is getting deeper.

    Woodmen Hills lawyer Edward Bendelow isn’t helping himself or Constance Goodwin at this point. We asked and both have refused to respond to repeated requests for election information and this year is no different. What Edward is doing … Continue reading

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“Jan Pizzi says:” and a simple timeline with some interesting information you didn’t know.

CORRECTIONS TO DATES (YEARS) MADE, THANKS TO READERS FOR CATCHING THAT, MY BAD, FIXED IT THEN ADDED MORE DATES. Still think Mr. Pace was making it up ? Jan Pizzi says: August 22, 2017 at 8:49 pm (Edit) I don’t understand … Continue reading

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Fear the “mail box walk”? Are you ready for change? Candidate Pace has some relief. Elections should be fun. This year is no different. Let Candidate Pace put a smile on your face.

Watch this funny video of candidate Pace going to get his montly water bill

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