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Mr. Pace’s processing service is open for business (not really)! (Comedy post), but seriously we do serve and we will serve it right every time. I want you totally satisfied! Unlike your ex!

Do you need a process server and don’t know where to turn? Do you have a ex-spouse that is or was a “special” kind of stupid? Is there an elected official who thinks their shit don’t stink? Well we have … Continue reading

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Exposed has received “proof” of discriminating enforcement of Mr. Pace over the Rec Center “agreement” today. Lisa Peterson get that resume ready!

Disparate enforcement is a violation of federal law ……. Cory Gambardella is going bye, bye! Showing favorites is not how to do business. This board is doing down for¬†discriminating¬†¬†against a disabled veteran and 12 year resident. What makes it so … Continue reading

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Colorado Supreme Court rules and one more time Exposed was right, this one’s going to…

Stay tuned, for the single most important ruling ever posted on this website! If I was an accountant working for a special district oh wait I’m not I already gave everybody that warnings. Supreme Court of Colorado has spoken in … Continue reading

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Breaking news! Did Woodmen Hills violate the service plan without approval of the “BOCC” and “electors”?

1-26-2018 3rd post In reply to Jan Pizzi Amending the Service Plan is far less expensive than Violating the Service Plan in its entirety. You can merely amend certain sections of the Service Plan without creating an entirely new document. … Continue reading

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