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The most sneaky underhanded board of all time and you see it right here. No one on our list was notified and no email blast was sent out to anyone. The time has come to form the committee after what has transpired in the last 5 days by the board is clear grounds for removal and this takes the cake! 

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Woodmen Hills lawyer calls Metro Club board of directors and ask them to “dismiss” Association manager Dave Stiver for asking questions.

In response to Woodmen Hills finding out there is a tape of Killett and Peterson telling and unnamed source that they “have Mr. Paces records”  implicating the two individuals in a conspiracy to deny CORA to Mr. Pace. Ed Bendelow … Continue reading

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Woodmen Hills board meeting for the ages! You missed one hell of a meeting and Cory Gambradella of the Park n Rec started giving Mr. Pace shite right out the gate.

KILLETT AND PORTER GO AFTER MR. PACE IN A PUBLIC MEETING!!!!!! We have the video exclusive! Two steps in the door and Cory was ordering Mr. Pace around like he was her husband. Totally disrespecting Mr. Pace before the deputy … Continue reading

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Filing 11 HOA candidates and Exposed endorses……..

Today at the filing 11 HOA meeting Exposed met the candidates, after a brief line from each. Our picks are as follows, The order in no way is indicative of who is better so we will put them side by … Continue reading

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