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The Rec Center no one wants, but the board and some people who stand to benefit financially are pushing. Here is the Park n Rec study that the board didn’t want out in the public

Question who are some people who would stand to financially benefit from doing this? Contractors Hired people Vendors Realtors You get the jist of it, find those people and you and see how many of them are connected to the … Continue reading

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Woodmen Hills refuses to use third party to show they sent CORA and here is Exposed response.

Mr. Bendelow had a attorney complaint filed for his role in the CORA matter and the threats.  We have evidence and Bendelow knew it then so now we are not taking it anymore. Bendelow knows his clients had the records … Continue reading

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Exposed invites Ronnie Parks for an interview, “Getting the other side of the story”

Mr. Parks, This is exposed wondering if you are willing to sit down and do a story on your positions on Parks n Rec, current water situations, employees violating policies , nepotism hires and CORA matters in the community. As stated at … Continue reading

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September meeting recap

Video of the meeting sorry for the visual as our camera did not have a clear shot of the comments but you can hear it and Daniel Cole has the other video and we are CORA it. So Daniel do … Continue reading

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