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Employment Agreement and resignation letter from Jim McGrady shows how WHMD treats its employees

At the center of a controversial hire, Jim McGrady tendered his resignation under duress and we did the interview with Jim and we did a video afterward.

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Recall committee just got a hugh boost and guess who provided it? Thanks to Woodmen Hills for threating us once again.

To everyone in the community for the support, not only can Exposed now push forward with recall but now we have proof of one of the biggest (Pizzi being the single biggest)  vendetta of all time and guess who did … Continue reading

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Maintaining of East and West fell to Jan Pizzi so you can blame her directly for the current condition

In a short post Jan Pizzi during her tenure on the board was also park and rec lesion and it also included day to day operations but not with standing that the August 24, 2017 meeting both her, the employees … Continue reading

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Woodmen Hills again does not respond to CORA and this time Exposed sent it to the lawyer first. More proof that WHMD is hiding something really big from the public.

See latest video on CTF matters on records WHMD says they sent to Exposed. We said this once we said it a thousands times the lawyer for WHMD say we “can’t find” or “misplaced” the records from WHMD and that … Continue reading

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