Another video and please pay attention. This one is the one to watch.

We ran into an issue on obtaining records please stand by as we do not want you to miss this.

A short video and once gain Exposed, exposes the facts with you guessed it records.Woodmen Hills Associates Inc. is the word of the day.

When we track down information we track it down. There is nowhere to hide if Exposed is on the hunt. We pride ourselves with partnerships over the years to produce records others think we can not get. We find people who wish to not be found.

We said in early on it takes time to debunk a multimillion dollar enterprise.  See the video and get the proof  ex boards members said was BS and called Exposed a liar in open meetings for it. For those leaving hints, thanks we are trying to retrieve state records you asked us to. Thanks for the tips.

Here is the issue WHA’s is closed but the name is not under that name it is under a different name of the now defunct WHRC. Which is why it is taking so long to get it tracked down.

The millionaires who formed this place were not stupid by any means. The issue is simple the documents that prove Exposed are the ones that WHMD has refused to release but not to worry there is enough other evidence left behind to make the connection. Plus we don’t use worthless hacks to put out the “fires” and comb over the truth even if the people involved were sent to WHMD to put them out by outsiders.

The SOS claims they have zero record of the entity called “Woodmen Hills Associates Inc.” as verified by Exposed today but there was the registration of the matter of “Woodmen Hills” in documents as registered at the clerk and recorders office.  We know and understand the past is what got us here and is why WHMD will threaten anyone who challenges them in anyway. They might go so far as to expend your money to take out anyone they fear wink, wink 🙂

The issue is that allegedly using shell companies is easy uncovering them is not, LOL. But here at truth central the black eye is well worth it. Disproving what elected officials did is the fun part and we like doing it.

I remember the days I was stationed in Florida on Miami Beach assigned to the Coast Guard Cutter Dauntless 624 doing drug interdiction and dealing with lots of people trying to come to American for a better life.


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