Are Woodmen Hills elections fixed?

In what may be the most explosive news since Exposed starting posting, Exposed received startling information that will shake our voting process to the core.

As Exposed has stated in the past the election process was flawed and rigged to benfit the developer backed candidates and now this new information shows that the DEO had and has connections to the people behind the attack flyers and this means a dog in the fight.

As we said we get it verified then search for more verification.

If we receive information that proves us wrong we will post it. As we like showing we can be misinformed and now the information that has been uncovered is a fact and verified by no less then two sources.

We at Exposed do not play games and post the most accurate information available. If the information is true the fix may and we stress may have been in,  and those who were involved are on record and there is no going back.

We said the DEO of our elections should not be the one we have had for years but now if true and we have no reason to believe otherwise we sent a request to the DEO for the WHMD election asking what her relationship to Gardner and Jack as they played in integral part of past elections.

We are on the verge of knowing why they hired Daniel Cole as well.

Stay tuned!


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