Here we go again and the staff prove their worth

When is it customary to prove your being petty?

Today at around 1130 Exposed entered the building at 8046 Easternville Rd to pay the monthly debt obligation for WHMD in the form of the bill.

Today was no exception to the rule employees see “Ron” and become ……..

Upon entering the foyer I took notice of a blond haired lady who is a new employee of the district (funny I didn’t see any position posted anywhere.). She stood up after I placed the bill along with the check for the bill on under the slot in the window. She got up offered zero greeting of the day and I just spoke up and said “can I have a copy of the bill showing stamped paid”. Simple enough right? Not at Woodmen Hills see at WH they pride themselves on being ……… toward customers and it showed so no “honey” analogy needed here.  I very politely (recorded) asked her for just a copy the bill “stamped” paid like I have for 11 years. She held up the receipt book and I said no just right paid on the bill and give me a copy. Then like a scene out of deliverance she said “we charge 25 cents per copy” and I just chucked and said (recorded) keep it, turned, and had a good laugh while leaving.

Now you have it, I have been receiving a copy of the paid bill as a receipt for 11 years for my own record keeping and today a blond lady (corrected use of the word older offends some we took it out)  put me in my place for a quarter. How petty is that?

Now Woodmen Hills is charging residents to get a copy of the bill stamped and signed “paid” must be trying to make up for the loss in revenue from all the rain, LOL.

Yup WH is really showing everyone with actions that they will squeeze any money they can out of “Ron”. Not to worry we can solve the issue in short order cause being a child is what WH has come to. Smart people like Exposed don’t get upset they rise above the childish and prove who needs …………….


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