Bent Grass on notice that owners will be notified from now on.

Update; 8-9-2017

Kevin Walker manager  has responded to our polite request and has assured Exposed that Bent Grass will be posting meetings from now on “correcting” the issue. See when people do the job they were hired to do in a legal fashion there is nothing to fear. Unlike the “secret” district matters being concealed at WHMD to cover for shady operations being cloaked in secrecy every day.

Mr. Walker has his opinion and we respect that but this is our community and a lot of matters that effect our wallets are being played out in public view. We follow leads that WHMD is denying via CORA as they are not the “Transparent” district as claimed.

For all we know certain people are getting or receiving kickbacks. We wanted to clear it up but WHMD is hiding behind a lawyer and lies by those who risk a 6 figure salary.

We here at Exposed find if you tell the truth to begin with it makes investigative reporting easier. Today Exposed received an email from Mr. Walker manager of Bent Grass on an issue that also has plagued Woodmen Hills. It is called transparency, see I contacted BG manager to get verification on the posting of meetings and where inside of the district it was.

See under Special District Act the board must post meetings within the district confines in three places and tell owners via a Transparency Notice which is posted at the Special District Association, the County of record and Department of Local Affairs.

Well we here at “Exposed” took a little trip and what we discovered is no postings in the spots as stated. This means that the meeting that was for August was not properly posted and Mr. Walker stated that the “mailboxes” would be a place to post in the future and were up they could post it near them.

The video soon to be posted establishes that not only are there no “fence posts” from which to hang he notices there were no postings for the past meetings an the one for August.

The owners of Bent Grass are about to get “Exposed” to transparency since they pay the bills. 4 owners and counting did not know where the Rec Centers were and they could sign up. Ya the “transparency” is working real well.

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