The fight over a water bill continues on and WHMD files an extension for time, Stay tuned!

Come on Mrs. Pizzi we are waiting for you to come back, wink wink 🙂


We are going to post the filing that our attorney filed with the courts. We want to preface the post with this.

Exposed has contacted the DOJ and requested assistance in filing a compliant. As explained to us Exposed will not be privy to what transpires but that the information we send does establish that employees connected to WHMD did in fact submit knowingly submitted  false information to BK court and not accurately report all “transactions” as shown. We warned everyone that the “get Ron gang” is alive and well in WHMD and would sooner or later slip up and make a mistake. They didn’t disappoint.

What has us concerned is they tired to sully the good name of some lawyers in the process. Not our problem and under the employee “agreements” it is grounds for termination. The board has just collected another nail for the proverbial coffin. Three of the current board members were part of the original members Killett, Pizzi, and Porter. We report the facts without the spin. Now that the other two board members know they cannot deny knowledge and have a legal obligation to take action. Exposed is waiting to see if they live up to their oath of office. So far nothing, but we hoped they would rise above the fray and distance themselves from the others and to date this is not the case.

As we said the board uses employees and can wipe off their hands and walk away and say “we didn’t know” and watch it all go down.

Is a six figure salary worth an orange jump suit? Did the board or its lawyer tell you there is immunity? Ya for clerical errors not acts that are intentional and with intent to harm.

The documents submitted were not accurate at the time and that is what was told to Exposed by the nice people in Washington. If at the time of submission anyone knew the documents were inaccurate that is an attempt to “defraud” and there in lies the prongs needed for a case.


In the spirit of transparency Exposed filed an objection to the claim filed by WHMD in Bankruptcy court. The story can be read on this site. by clicking on this link.

The issue stems from information acquired from the Assessors office and WHMD in of all things a request for statements we were denied but instead sent an “account of transactions” instead.

In dispute the board of directors is expending a boat load of cash for an account that was slated to be collected partially by the county.

Here is a fact, the amount that is up for dispute is so low you would cry if you knew. But being vindictive isn’t cheap.

Two lawyers later and Woodmen Hills files for an extension of two weeks in order to file documents which they themselves turned over to the BK lawyer a short time ago about the account in question.

The crux of this fight is simple, they sent an account to the BK court for 1130+ dollars after sending part of the account to the County for collections for 789 dollars in 2016.

The board and district is spending thousands to collect an amount that will be posted as soon as we get it. The amount of money they spent on trying to collect the money far exceeds the amount owned but as with most actions by this administration wasting money isn’t the issue. It is a “Ron” issue and they will spend untold amounts to collect what appears to be by the records and payments they sent to us to be under a few hundred dollars.

The estimated cost so far is well over 5,000 (unverified)  in legal fees (refused by in CORA) expended by the board for one purpose to attack one resident out of spite, but they are blaming Mr. Pace for incurring such legal fees as shown in recent attacks at board meetings. The actions shown prove that Woodmen Hills is expending more legal fees for this action that will yield?

This is what the board is doing with your money and they do not want it in the public domain and Pizzi says it is misinformation. We invited her to bring the facts but Woodmen Hills is trying to put out the fires by using the CORA matter as a front.

Woodmen Hills was given copies of those transactions but in turn refused to turn them over to our attorney and now we can get all the records and copies of the statements and payments as is our right to dispute their claim.

The issue is simple if it is “Ron” no expense is spared to make the case that it is “Ron” and not the vindictive employees and board fault. LOL.

Stay tuned!


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