Does Metro Club have no rights?

Update; 8-11-2017, we are following up on some breaking news about Metro Club, but until then we can and will not post it.

Update; 8-4-2017 we stand corrected.

Exposed got the update from El Paso County elections, in the early days of “Metro Club” they were not officially part of WHMD until after they finished the build out. That changed and when it did they became part of WHMD. Thanks to El Paso County Elections for the updated information as for not getting a ballot I read the name of the person and you are on the voter roles so you should have received a ballot in the last election.

The orphaned part of Woodmen Hills had a rep named Steve attended the last meeting for WHMD and asked if his filing could do some landscaping at their cost.

After the meeting Exposed spoke to Steve about his filing and learned that Metro Club was not utilizing the Park and Rec according to him since 2009. Exposed also learned that one of the owners recently tried to gain access to the East Rec Center and was denied but then later on as explained they were granted access according to Steve.

This is where the issue of Park and Rec fees came into play. He could not find a single record that related to having to pay for the fees in the covenants and declarations or other files he had. Steve is very smart and has  an awesome track record of being the David in the  “David v Goliath” reference.

Steve and I spoke about being the ugly step child of Woodmen Hills and then I laid a whopper on him.

I told Steve that his filing could not vote in the Woodmen Hills election as told to Exposed by Liz Olsen of El Paso County Elections in 2009.

Exposed asked if they had received those lovely flyers about Mr. Pace and he said no. Then I asked if he knew of any owners who voted in any elections. His answer was he didn’t know.

I told him to call Liz and get the facts as it may have changed but the last time we checked in 2012 we got the same answer.

The issue was “boundaries” of the Metro Club so Exposed is awaiting official confirmation from El Paso County election department as we contacted them to get an update and a letter for the record.

As many as 275 registered voters live in Metro Club so you bet Exposed is on the case.

What is becoming clear is that Woodmen Hills wanted only the money from the deals but none of the responsibility for being the water and wastewater supplier to other developments. If we are wrong send us the correct documents and we will post them.

Stay tuned!

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4 Responses to Does Metro Club have no rights?

  1. Trent says:

    We live in Metro Club and never once received a ballot for the Woodmen Hills election. I hear rumors afoot about the effort to get us the right to vote. This question is for Pizzi the lady saying this site is full of inaccuracies. Mam is it true we are not allowed to vote and why? Clear up the ambiguity for all of us in Metro Club.


    • Boston says:

      Trent you should have received a vote from El Paso County to vote. Back when the filing was being built it was not officially done and when it was you should have been sent a ballot call El Paso County Elections department at 719 575-VOTE for the reason why you didn’t get a ballot.
      Exposed stands corrected and says so right here the issue as shown was back in the day the development was not finished and that after was “included” in the boundaries” for WHMD.


  2. Jan Pizzi says:

    As far as I know you should be allowed to vote, where you here last April? You are part of Woodmen Hills. I will find out the answer and report back.


  3. Trent says:

    This Ron guy is producing record after record to back up information posted never mind the slant he is putting out this information is hard facts on this district. I find Killett’s criminal history disturbing as he took an out to a felony charge for menacing in a plea deal. We didn’t get this information until we visited the site. I will not be voting for him in next election. If this is all woodmen has to offer I will run myself. I can look past ones ambition for getting the word out but not a person who hides a past marred in beating woman. I have a question for the Pizzi lady is this the same guy who was on the HOA in the story on KOAA?


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