Kissing Camel case mirrors Woodmen Hills Rec center issues

The following was information obtained via the Metro Club representative. Exposed has learned that the courts ruling has legal implications for Woodmen Hills claims about owner forced to pay for park and rec fees each month.

Exposed will post the ruling once we have obtained it.

The dominos are starting to come down and Exposed predicted 5 years ago.

If the information is correct then it was a chance conversation Exposed had that may lead to a change for the owners rights in Woodmen Hills.

It shows that the judges ruling may have shown the owners were not forced to pay for services with out some kind of signed agreement on the districts part. The PUD for Woodmen Hills does not indicate or spell out payment for services we invite Ted or Amy to produce the documents that force owners to pay for the Rec Centers. As was the case in Kissing Camels. They prevailed. If Woodmen Hills has the documents then they must produce them by law as they are part of the PUD and service plan as filed.

Well if true then the Metro Club is now considering action due in part to not having voting rights in Woodmen Hills and action to be relived from paying the Park and Rec fee.

If the statements made by the Metro Club person are to be believed, Woodmen Hills wants the money but none of the responsibility.  As was the claim of Exposed years ago. Now it appears all roads lead back to the Rec Center and the YMCA leaving and the claim that it could be run more efficiently then the Y could and that money being shifted to assist was correct as proven by one of the old recall committee members.

If this pans out the board is on shaky ground and nothing is going to change that.

Stay tuned!

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4 Responses to Kissing Camel case mirrors Woodmen Hills Rec center issues

  1. Jan Pizzi says:

    Before you get your drawers in an uproar this is about an HOA not a metro District. Different rules. And who are we trying to overtake.


    • Boston says:

      How long has it been since I told you to shut up?

      Just wait it will all be public soon enough.

      Go bother your girl friend at the office or stop over to your private Rec Center for some pats on the back.

      As was your comment, “wouldn’t you like to know”?


  2. Jan Pizzi says:

    It won’t be public soon enough as you have not understood anything, you put your own spin on it. You don’t have the facts, you add 2 and 2 and get 5


    • Boston says:

      The facts are all we have here in the no spin zone and you are pissed off cause others have come forward to out the mess.
      You know the directors can not speak or they will be fired section 3-6 of the “agreement”, or is that document false? We think not since the lawyers and your BFF say her earning of over 100,000 are secret when reality they not.
      Just correct us here we can handle it but alas you provide zero in the way of proof and zero in the way of records or files to refute a single file, so whos fault is it when as you say we have it “wrong” that would be you and your board not Exposed.
      We post the documents and records you don’t.
      The documents can’t be spun but as we say if you got the facts to back up your mouth put it here and stop playing games.
      All you have is hot air and innuendos nothing more.
      You claimed “he” was gone and no attachment to WHMD, the records, meetings agendas, bonds, and payments say otherwise.
      Now let the others do what they think is needed to be done you are not on the board but as shown but everyone is seeing you control it as being the wife of a “appointed” member.
      Unless you have some concrete evidence to refute what is posted that is your fault not Exposed. We gladly accept all PDF and Word files via electronic or paper form.
      Open 24/7 for anyone wishing to send us more files. What’s next, district employees who claim we are “harassing” them all the time, what’s in store another false claim or RO by another coached female of WHMD?
      You are the ones who come to meetings and offer zero information so if the information seems one sided then turn over the other side and let educated people make up their own minds.
      All you have is the same old tire story and same “sky is falling” mentality.
      Hiding or denying CORA is tantamount to concealing information that is public, what are you all so afraid of?
      Gotta go and help those who asked for it.
      Stay tuned!


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