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Jim Mc Grady Quit! Here we go again!

Update; Mr. Pace interviews previous employees and ……….. Exposed got the facts on Gene as undisputed to this point and now the information on Mr. McGrady. We have the elusive “EMPLOYEE AGREEMENT” signed by staff unless its a “fake” lol. … Continue reading

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Bent Grass saga rears its ugly head and this one has major implications

For Those who don’t know already the board of directors are concealing information about the issues that effect us all. Now comes information about Bent Grass Subdivision. In 2003 Woodmen Hills signed and “Houchins” agreement otherwise known a Bent Grass. … Continue reading

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Bombshell information just received from a source! The board of WHMD is going after Mr. Pace! Stay tuned.

Exposed has received information about actions currently underway by Woodmen Hills and the current board or directors to put and “end” to Mr. Pace. Woodmen Hills wants Mr. Pace out of the picture plain and simple. This bombshell information was … Continue reading

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Threats by Walter Porter mark a very mundane board meeting. The truth will soon expose them all

In an incident reminiscent of the 2009 Board of corrupt puppets. The meeting started out fair enough till it came time for the public comment section. Expose got up and read right from the bylaws of the Woodmen Hills rules … Continue reading

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