Citizens for Reasonable, Rational, and Responsible, Governance (CRRRG) Loses big and that ain’t all/calls for a criminal investigation have been made by me and why not you all deserve nothing less

I reserve the right to withhold my opinion as my lawyer has asked me to.

One word


In what is the largest single campaign in Colorado History early reports show Matt Arnold of the CIW has obliterated  the developer funded group Citizens for Reasonable, Rational and Responsible Governance.

The court ruled that board members for Woodmen Hills were involved up to their asses in prohibiting candidate Ronald Pace from getting elected to the Woodmen Hills board.

The word “COLLUSION” was found to be the order of the day.

I am happy for Matt and his effort as for Woodmen Hills get…………..

This isn’t going away this time!

For the history on it go here

On that note Mr. Killett is wrong when it comes to tying in to Meridian Ranch. He was questioned on his knowledge on it and he was wrong. As for claims of others on the board with building experience, that is LOLOLOLOLOL. Joshy boy your buddy Jan thought 400 acre feet of (drinking) water was being given away as it turned out it was poop juice water. LOLOLOLOL and when confronted she froze up and shut up after  I produced the agreement I got from Paintbrush Hills from CORA.

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