CIW v CRRRG trial finale

Sorry for not prefacing the story. The case involved campaign contributions and not reporting them legally and this is why the case took shape. Sorry to all for not explain it. In short the people involved tried to break the law in not reporting their contribution and expenditures as per election reporting law in the state of Colorado see this posting as it clear up some of the confusion.

Even though those involved knew they had to legally report the expenditures they choose to ignore the law and Mr Arnold of the CIW filed a case in court that outcome is pending after a very long and drawn out case and trial.

I try to start out posts in a certain fashion but in this instance I couldn’t help notice that I am receiving record numbers on this site. To this end I have been more then accommodating in my quest for the truth which is a black eye to Woodmen Hills.

In an age of dirty politics and individuals who by definition are thieving, lying, scum who call themselves representatives of the people, here is the long awaited ending of the CIW v the CRRRG case.

After almost a decade of developers, dirty, filthy, scheming, conniving board members. Lying and deceiving the public over who is behind the flyers and such, today the CIW concluded their case in court. I am not privy to the outcome but can tell you the CRRRG didn’t disappoint and Mr. Arnold was masterful and put the screws to CRRRG who conceded “collusion” and other parts of the case. The opposing attorney wasn’t a jerk (nice surprise).

A good judge is still a good judge and Judge Norwood was a very good judge.

This is one for the ages and for the record books. In what will be come to known as the big finale are facts and testimony and evidence even I was shocked to hear.

There are millionaires, board members, and current employees involved. Email trails and attempts to conceal evidence like a some far fetched soap,  destruction of records (emails)  showing involvement and a little known water district involved up to its eyeballs and people of less than zero semblance of a moral compass helping out.

I learned today that one witness lives in such fear they didn’t want to say who was behind the threats and harassing issues so terrified that they want to move “far away”.

I learned one witness tried desperately to cover for Green. This person claimed Mr. Green got money for the flyers but the truth was she knew the reports showed the money came from him as posted on other sites. Well the information is she was a member of CRRRG then tried to say she wasn’t involved, LOL.

I saw a witness shutter on the stand in such fear they refused to divulge who was terrorizing them.

I learned that one office person was a point of contact for Mr. Green who by the way fled service of process.

I learned that two really rich men who have or had financial stake in Woodmen Hills utilized their wealth to take me out of any election for office in Woodmen Hills due in part to information being received from within Woodmen Hills.

I learned that Mr. Green at the famous restaurant meeting attended by Howell, Pizzi, Killett and Hudson told them I was going to be wiped off the planet so to speak and I was not going to be here much longer and he was out to destroy me by any means possible and assured those attending I was not going to be here for the next election (2016) and the concerted effort to steal my home out from under me by any means possible.

I know certain persons were recruited to under take the job referencing one Mr. Killett ( a one time member of  CRRRG) who distributed flyers, and the lawsuit.

I heard one ex board member testify to the court how much admiration she had for one Mr. Green and how close they were.

I heard of how the entire effort was contrived to prevent me from ever sitting on or holding any elected position in Woodmen Hills at all costs.

As evidence showed that one witness (ex board member) deleted emails to conceal her involvement.

I learned (email ) that one office member sent a copy of my nomination for office to Mr. Green before the ink dried. Why Lisa Peterson? What fucking business did you have to send this man my board nomination via email? Were you part of the collusion? Seems so,  It is not your job to send it to him unless your working for him, right? There would be no need as it is posted at the state anyway. So my question is, what possessed you to do it?

I learned that my foreclosure case was used as a basis for discrediting me and disgracing me and my wife in public for the purpose of defeating Mr. Pace in any election.

I learned that official members of the WHMD board did collude and conspire to prevent Mr. Paces election to public office by interfering and altering the election in the 2016 election as admitted to in court in evidence.

That Mrs. Hudson was not a good fit for Green and as shown on the stand asked to “not run” for the board by Janice Pizzi but wait 2 years.

I heard testimony of how one person fear retaliation so much by WH that they refused to tell give certain testimony and was visibly shaken so much that the CIW stopped asking question and the CRRRG lawyer didn’t cross exam.

As testified to the Woodmen Hills board members met at the library in the now famous meeting I captured on film.

I learned that there is malicious intent by those involved to stop Mr. Pace efforts to get records.

It was also testified to that the district was used as meeting place as suggested by Janice Pizzi.

I am going to post the recorded transcripts of the hearing and all the files of the case including the email trail implicating  those involved.  Listed below are the main players and contributors to the CRRRG.

What is clear elected officials of a water district were members of the CRRRG nonprofit corporation formed for the express purpose to defeat one man in any election, and that is totally unacceptable. It is one thing to say you oppose a person for certain reason but to form nonprofits and tell the public you do not have to register or hide who you are is unacceptable.

Until now it was not clear on who was the one informing Green on Mr Pace, today that all changed and now I know who it is.

Janice Pizzi

Joshua Killett

Lisa Peterson

Ryan Call

Benjamin Green

Case family

Gonzales and Bliss

All in all everything I said and predicated was true after all. I just had to wait over a year to get proof.

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