Resignations by two prominent board members leaves Woodmen Hills in shambles after the board was hijacked by none other than Janice Pizzi known as the “Puppet master”

Sources now confirm that the board is in a phase of dysfunction of epic proportions with one ex board member calling all the shots behind the scenes and now two ex board members who were potentially bullied off the board by the other board members.

As noted by a email received from Woodmen Hills on 2-08-2017 about the changing of positions of the board.

On 2-23-2017 this message was received from the district two weeks later.

Click on the file to enlarge it.

As the email states, “unforeseen circumstances” was the reason the meeting was canceled. False! The board is in turmoil and going down fast. A recall is being rumored following what is described as a koo by none other than Jan Pizzi (behind the scenes) former board member who is the real “Puppet Master” as one victim put it (recorded), pulling all the strings as confirmed by sources close to the action.

Woodmen Hills canceled its regularly scheduled board meeting for February due in part to two board members resigning earlier after the “election of officer in January 2017. Due to the nature of the fallout of this major event it was discovered that Janice Pizzi’s involvement is the cause of these resignations as the board had been hijacked by Jan behind the scenes after her husband was installed as board member in December 2016. Seems the net effect of Janice Pizzi power is alive and well in Woodmen Hills as verified by sources. She has aspirations to get back on the board.

The straw that broke the camels back was  Jan’s constant interference in district matters  in violation of Woodmen Hills bylaws, rules and regulations for continuing to take part in operations with the assistance of Lisa Peterson district administrator. As quoted, she “is the one pulling all the strings”. The extent of involvement by the district director is unknown at this time but it appears that the relationship between the two is one for the ages as Jan has utilized Peterson in the past and present.

Sources now confirm it has been Jan all along with Joshua Killett, Mike Pizzi and Walter Porter whom hijacked the board meeting and installed Joshua known convicted criminal as president.

Jans master plan was to have her husband on the board as she can not be on and be the “Puppet master” behind the scenes.

Sorry Jan your dreams will soon turn to a nightmare as sources now confirm a recall to remove the two other board members is being sought.

Without further adue Frank Gonzalez and Lynne Bliss have both resigned from the board due to the turmoil and actions of Jan Pizzi’s interference since she left the board.

It seems Lynne was forcibly removed from her position as board president by the other three when the board reappointed the positions. The sandbox rule applies here.

As other sources confirm the trustees of UMB bank are now being brought up to speed on the inter working’s of the district in hopes of the trustees coming in and taking over as these most recent events will surly cross the desk of those who can take action over this dysfunctional small group of board members who tried to take over Woodmen Hills.

Sources now confirm that both ex board members were screwed out of their seats to install  criminal Joshua into the position of Board President to change the rules by which people can serve on the board.

Stay tuned more to come on this hot topic.

Sources confirm (recorded), “Jan is the stupidest woman alive”

We reserve the right to keep the recording by the source as is our right.

As for Lynne and Franks resignation from the board it clearly shows instability and lack of cohesion.

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