Convicted criminal now president of Woodmen Hills thur deceit, lies and manipulation of none other than Janice Pizzi former board president

In an ironic twist Woodmen Hills choose to do something that has never been done before in the history of this water district. In January 2016 an email blast went out from Woodmen Hills denoting a change in the board structure assigning board members to positions within the organization.

This writer has learned that Janice Pizzi is the puppet master behind these recent events. As sources have confirmed that Janice has been colluding with Lisa Peterson office administrator for Woodmen Hills to get back on the board by installing her husband. It appears that Lisa Peterson is working behind the scenes for Janice Pizzi as very well known sources have recently confirmed. Lisa has under instructions been doing the bidding of Janice Pizzi for years as confirmed. It was also confirmed that Benjamin Green is no fan of Jan.

But the strange thing here is the January board meeting was canceled due to weather as posted on the marquees. No new meeting date was set.  Sources confirm that the billboard posted the cancelation. As a matter of public record the email emphasized the “open and public” meeting it posted but those who follow the board know the regularly scheduled meeting had been canceled.

As for the newly reappointed board positions establishes just how far gone the board is. If it weren’t for Christine LePage’s insistence on doing background checks no one would have ever known, thanks Mrs. LePage. The investigation yielded some startling information on one such criminal candidate running for office. Funny how the flyer depicting this particular candidates accomplishment failed to make mention of his very lengthy criminal actions thru the years spanning two different states.

Due to the lengthy file on this person we choose to post the entire criminal history for those who find having a convict preside over your lives in bad moral character, unprofessional a person with known ties to CRRRG.

As sources confirm this person may have financially benefited in violation of the articles and rules of filing 11 HOA as president and board member during his tenure.

Now it is confirmed that this criminal has been put in charge of the lives of over 5,000 residents of Woodmen Hills many whom may not know who he is.

So without further adue I present the new president of Woodmen Hills Metro District

Joshua Killett


The above records also contain information about this board members “mental” state as shown in a minute order of the El Paso County Court, “Defendant Unavailable due to Mental Condition at this time 10-20-2003”

The question is, what “mental” condition does the president of Woodmen Hills have? How will it effect his running of the board as all residents have the right to know about it since it is of record. Mr. Killett’s condition may render him not legally able to hold the position of “President” of the board since it requires him to vote on and make decisions about matters involving millions of dollars and subjects all customers and residents to his decisions in the future.

The question is when did other board members and the others involved in CRRRG know about his past and why did they attempt to hide it? Next question is, did he disclose his condition to and employers or state agencies prior to hire or other purposes?

For better or worse this is your new Woodmen Hills Board President god help Woodmen Hills.

Special thanks to Cristine LePage employee of Woodmen Hills for her insistence on doing background checks on candidates and others in Woodmen Hills. Mr. Killett you can thank her for all this.

Since Mr. Killett possess such a condition it is our right to know what that condition is and how it will effect his decisions as president and will it effect his ability to govern Woodmen Hills. To those who come here and read this site and voted for Trump, the laws of Colorado and policies of Woodmen Hills need to be enforced and if the new presidents past is any indication of how he will apply policy the water district is in for……….


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