We “believe” if Woodmen Hills is making decisions that affect ratepayers wallet you have a right to know. Woodmen Hills in essence just slapped the faces of all ratepayers by saying “NO”

We are reporting on the interworking’s of Woodmen Hills and the findings of a study that should have been released to the ratepayers of Woodmen Hills and the Custodian of Record refused (said no way) to under the guise that it contains “Commercial confidential” information but refused to say what part was of the study was included.  Pursuant to state statue “private” organizations can exempt certain studies, not public entities as the Colorado Supreme Court ruled in the linked case here, click on this hyperlink to read the ruling for the exemption claimed by Woodmen Hills asserted to keep this file out of your hands and away from the very people who paid thousands for it, this is what they are calling the new “transparency”, LOL we call it hiding documents.

CITY OF COLORADO SPRINGS and Carla L. Hartsell, Petitioners, v. David WHITE,  Respondent. No. 97SC685. Decided: November 23, 1998

Disclaimer; we make no guarantee that the study is the actual study as we can not verify it. We would like to have had the public entity turn over the files notwithstanding that, your district said piss off or in other words “shut the front door” to exposed.  Our sources have a right to remain anonymous and we intend on keeping it that way. Enjoy and form your own opinion. We did and we we will post it later on. If what is in the study is true Woodmen Hills hid it from the public for a reason and your board of directors, Pizzi, Killett, Parks, Porter, and St. James did not want it released, why?

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Woodmen Hills is so fouled up, they now use a “belief” system when denying CORA. Screw the laws of Colorado and now we have the icing on the cake.

What is clear is this, Joshua (I did it) Killett the (current) board president (picture below)

sets the tone and the employees follow. This is now officially quite possibly the most lawless group Woodmen Hills has ever had in charge. Don’t take our word for it readem and weep or laugh either one works. Please see the following response from the Custodian of Records for Woodmen Hills. Continue reading

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Enthusiasm’s are a word Robert De Niro used in the movie staring Kevin Costner in which local law enforcement get rid of Al Capone. LOL.

Woodmen Hills responds not with a survey monkey but a post on Facebook and an email to all residents, the term is, “whose in your back pocket?


Like many of you, the Woodmen Hills Metro District Board of Directors is urging the Board of El Paso County Commissioners to do everything in its power to facilitate development of the Falcon Marketplace (to include a King Soopers) at the northwest corner of Woodmen Road and Meridian Road. If it’s important to the residents, it’s important to the board! Our five board members sent the letter below to the BoCC and will continue pressing the issue as appropriate. 

To show support for the Falcon Marketplace, like our Facebook post here. Let’s get this done!

We know the service plan is in place and that the board of directors is to serve at the beckon call of Mr. Green, FPI and other bond holders as proven right here with records, documents and recording in various places, “its in the bonds”. Continue reading

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Robert Gardner and friends (Sectary of State) are trying to say Forget U to the Colorado Supreme court in a new twist in the loss at the Supreme Court with a new bill aimed at undoing the guilty

Today Exposed was sent a link to a bill with major implications about the exact matter  Robert Gardner and his rich developers pals, Ryan Call, and paying customers and good ole Green and Secretary of State just got hit by a truck. https://www.leg.colorado.gov/bills/hb18-1047 click on this link and read what Bobo and his new pal (democrat) are trying to get passed so he can get out of what he lost in the courts. Continue reading

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