Woodmen Hills “strategy” to “create the image of a crazed and dangerous mental patient”.

See video for details and then Mr. Stinson your going home.

I want to PLAY TROY AND YOU STARTED THE FIGHT TO FUCK WITH ME, I want others to know why.

These are the list of characters who did this and Jan “two sides” Pizzi isn’t getting away with a single thing.

  1. Edward Bendelow
  2. Janice Pizzi
  3. Lisa Peterson
  4. Lynne Bliss
  5. Frank Gonzalez
  6. Joshua Killett
  7. Anthony Pizzi
  8. Troy Stinson
  9. WHMD Staff members
  10. Gene Cozzilino
  11. Hale Westfall
  12. Daniel Cole
  13. Ryan Call
  14. Walter Porter

This was never about me being on the board, it was about me having access to Woodmen Hills records to go after them for it.

Troy is going home and there is nothing he can do about it. Sherry Ringen and Nicole Vance knew about it and tried to warn me but Troy and the dirty boys took care of them.

It was CSPD officer Troy Stinson and Edward Bendelow who conspired to carry it out over the last two years as posted in the meetings videos.

Who is worse the Minnesota cop or Stinson?

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Correcting the record. Jan never told you I fought against the 53 million dollar bond increase and service plan amendment.

People asked me about the 2011 attempt to raise the debt ceiling by Woodmen Hills.

Jan if you will please correct me on this if I miss something and remember to “tell the truth” people love a good accurate story.

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Bombastic news! With extra bombasticness! Jan Pizzi, Mike Pizzi and Walter Porter set the record straight.

Miracles do happen. On 4-22-2020

At long last Mr. Pace gets what he needs and I have to thank Jan, Walter and Mike for being honest.

  • The posting from June 2017 and July, 2017 are fake news (purpose to make people dislike me)
  • Green was “protected” by “consulting agreements”
  • Total cost of perks 296,000 as given to Jon Martin by Troy Stinson (leaked on purpose)
  • Jan worked with current board for rec center but then Troy went bonkers in meetings
  • Bendelow was a “hitman for hire” by the 2016 board
  • Ryan Call was a “hitman for hire” in the foreclosure
  • Green helped the board with elections to defeat me and Woodmen Hills paid for it
  • The post in 2017 was done to make me look bad on purpose. Smear campaign sound familiar?

Any questions, class dismissed.

If you see any resemblance to the current board, that’s because Troy met with Lynne Bliss to be introduced to Green prior to being sworn in. The source close to the meeting sent me a message on the particulars. Then asked me not to out them until after the election.

Troy Stinson has been leaking information to one candidate. One person who asked not to outed, came forward providing direct information.  Troy gave Jon the “bonus” numbers which in turn were used to attack Pizzi on Nextdoor.


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2-3 billion shortfall for Colorado means seniors and DV’s will lost their housing tax relief benefit and higher taxes could be right around the corner.

I am doing the research but it looks like hard times are coming to Falcon and COS.

The race to higher taxes and costs is coming and unless they open Colorado soon

many residents will be forced to move due to higher living costs.

Stay tuned.

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Orville “Nells” “Neil” Erickson, whats in a name? We are digging it up now, we understand why he hid the truth but a judge may not be so inclined.

At the center of what will be a great feature made for TV, Wayne “the stain” Williams allowed a candidate whose name is not even his name to be on the ballot.

After I pulled some paper on Mr. Orville N Erickson I kept digging and now I am pretty sure Wayne the stain after sleeping with the ballots, will be on my naughty list.

After I contacted the SOS in Denver and spoke to our mutual friend it seems Orville didn’t even use his real name or a legal name on the ballot and Wayne “I slept the ballots” Williams allowed it.

This begs the question why did the stain allow it?

Chew on this, as I investigate if Orville is even common law married to his wife or not.

Enjoy. There is more to come.


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Lt Peck (EPSO) tries her hand at whipping out the leather on Mr. Pace and finds, he isn’t her bitch.

On 5-14-2020 I arrived at Constitutional  Hall for the weekly bash Polis fest held by your local elected sell outs.

Upon Arriving there were 4 deputies and one commander present and a security person.

A little history lesson, for those how are not up to speed. You are prohibited from brining a drink into the hall only reserved for elected officials who can have you removed and beat for cause. Continue reading

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