Debunking Pizzi on Next Door and recall video Exposed tries to do lighten the mood in this newest video

To those who are coming here from Next Door thanks for the support and see this latest video and my response to a few residents who want me to hash it out with Pizzi and my reason why it will never happen. The issue is simple Pizzi was the developers puppet for 8 years and counting as shown. Mr. Green retired to Florida and we do not know if he is going to continue to interfere in our election process as Pizzi has stated she is all for and hoping for so she can keep her vision alive and well.


Pizzi has shown her cards in posts on other sites as to what she says which is false and attempting to poison new owners and those new owners are not having any part of it.


Some interesting facts on Next Door Jan Pizzi was “hired” the issue is and was that a contract was discussed but they knew if they paid her on the books it is CORA and so you do the math. She is a “hired” consultant and that is that why the board is not releasing the payables to us?

See this video

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Woodmen Hills make 3rd threat to sue Mr. Pace for retaliation on CORA and Double dipping case and host of other stuff that Exposed put out on this site.

Come on you know you want to see the angry side of Mr. Pace, watch the video!

The issue is this Lisa is either doing it on her own or under orders of WHMD either way she is not 15 and has the ability to not do things that are against the law. If the board or others are telling her to do what she did well going to court will get that information in the public. As for the threats the video is self explanatory.


Judge Chittum’s ruling said, “welcome to pubic service”!

You wanna threaten me! 3rd times a charm, I learned my lesson in previous matters

No threats, no games, no BS, no jokes!

Mr. Bendelow says we cant use the word “lying” or or risk  lawsuit (public ass kicking by  powerful board and its employees)  WHMD. So he wants me to use other words for Lisa Peterson who isn’t being honest , not telling the truth, misrepresenting the facts, being untruthful, distorting the facts, withholding facts, withholding evidence, concealing documents by juxtapostion, telling lawyers we have files, not being 100% accurate,  plain and simple, is that what you think, you can control what we say cause your a well educated lawyer who is in my opinion is bullying me, wants to beat me like a baby seal on a beach for refusing to conform to your clients orders.

You forgot as a real past member of the military I would rather die then take orders from a guy like you ( law degree)  and any employee (highly over paid)  or board (click) who thinks they can intimidate, order, or threaten by way of intimidation everyone around.

Apparently Mr. Bendelow didn’t get that MEMO about real courage and…………

One of my favorite words for people trying to escape facts is full of ……..

Mr. Bendelow can I use that word? Continue reading

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We are trying to get an exit interview with Gene and so far no response from Gene.

On August 15 exposed left a message at the district office requesting Eugene Cozzilino to do an interview as the board has said the staff will answer questions.

Gene has since not responded to that request as we figured so as one person who keeps whining about, we did contact a current employee who suppose to answer questions and has NOT responded to our requests so we at exposed have sent a letter to Gene to seek an exit interview with him. He is slated to be gone the first week of September after he gave his 6 months notice so we are hoping to get that interview but if he signed the “agreement” Woodmen Hills knows he can not speak but they claim he is here to answer questions but hasn’t do so in 5 months.

This is why Pizzi claims we need to get “the other side of the story” but forgot to tell everyone that doing so may subject those to being sued by WHMD and the resolution signed in 2015 prohibit staff from speaking to residents or risk job loss.

Kind of hard to speak to employees who have refused to do interviews what Exposed as shown has been denied over 16 times over the past 5 years.


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Ted Bendelow and CORA

We know for a fact that Ted Bendelow is saying that Exposed has emails in CORA that he himself in emails pointed to in his response on this post which is getting so much buzz.

We can tell you Ted Bendelow claims WHMD has supplied that information in email form as told to him by Lisa Peterson.

Exposed has learned that there is a forensic company that can verify if the emails are real or fake. Since the sender says we received them and Exposed says they didn’t, WHMD says by and thru Steve


See video as we know for a fact and can prove we never received it and have contacted EPSO to find out where and how we can file a compliant to see where and if those emails were even sent or if the office forged fake accounts to show they sent them elsewhere.

Here is a short list of forensic companies and a few we called said they can testify on an email trail and what it subpoena to get the evidence of tampering, electronic trails, and history of an email. It is not expensive and easy to do now that emails are used in cases all the time.

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Gene Cozzilino and Jim Mc Grady the true Woodmen Hills story without Barneys input

Watch video

Sorry video went south we are reposting as soon as we re-record

To preface video we are sending out copies to everyone on our list

This issue of Gene and Jim was uncalled for. Lynne and Frank were

causalities of the Pizzi regime and it must be fixed before were………

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Hiring circulators! 719 494 1970

Need up to 10 circulators in the local community to help gather signatures.

To those who came here, we are serious and I am too old to do it on my own. LOL.

No seriously we have been called by a few people who are asking if this is real, YES!

  • If you want to see a community of the people not hand picked pals
  • If you are tired of the same ole lady running the show for 10 years
  • If you believe in following the law and accountability
  • If you are tired of the same ole people who are developer friendly
  • Got good shoes, LOL
  • Want to earn a few bucks while fixing  community controlled by one person
  • Stop vendettas by paid for by local governments
  • Stop nepotism hires
  • Get real transparancy
  • Dump the lawyers who think this is how governments works
  • Hold employees accountable for not following policy, rules, and ………
  • Dump agreements that harm your children “park and rec agreement”

Compensation discussed on the phone must be 18 years old and teenagers are most certainly welcome, we like to see the next generation get involved and this is you chance

We here at exposed are tired of law breakers being given a pass and excuse after excuse

Look at the quick hit tab on the top of the page to see who are your board members

You really should have just sent the records.

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New Record number for visitors today, Thank you so much it means a lot :) over 500 in a non election day.

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