A final note of why I am running and you should be frightened about me losing this election


Simply put;

5 people are running against me and the breakdown for it is simple,

3 are for the chairman and fiscal irresponsibly and have pledged to build the rec center, Erickson, Smith, and Martin.

 1 Wilson is running interference for the chairman and will quit after the election and allow the chair to appoint a new person.  

I am running to restore order and respect, something that has not been scene since 1995.

3 people will lose jobs for conduct violating the rules, bylaws, and employee handbook. Continue reading

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The plan is to beat the “clique” and end the power tower in Woodmen Hills.

Simple the clique is pulling out all the stops to keep control of Woodmen Hills.

They have zero platform but to cost you more money and deny rights.

The mantra is to beat me by taking away 1st Amendment rights and shut down my campaign. Continue reading

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This election already has cheaters, collusion, and a clique.

 I am so grateful for all your support, thanks.

Come on people lets get me 600 votes and let the healing begin.

Let the clique and LePage take all the signs THEY want.

Continue reading

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Mr. Pace has never served on the water board and for good reason. I will not be like other elected officials and that’s just fine by me.

  • I can lower the bill

  • I can end the “clique”

  • I will get a new SDA lawyer

  • I can restore integrity to the board

  • I can end the “hidden” agenda

  • End nepotism

  • No more outside influence

  • Dismiss the coms director

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Pace Promises

  • Stop charging for shutting off and restoring service (water)

  • New lawyer right away (get rid of Greens forced hire lawyer)

  • Fire communications director (over paid, saves you money)

Continue reading

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My new campaign manager

Yes she’s cute but more importantly, she is a my niece and she knows how to get votes.

Yes, she has more hair, she told me not to worry, her smile is worth 500 votes in any race. She calls me “Runcle Wonnie”

Lets recap, If you ran to save Troy you lost already

The only person on the 3 year roster not in favor of the rec center is ??????


Can you imagine if the “GET RON GANG” was stopped this year?

Look at all the good and energy I could put into fixing or solving the problems.

They want power, I want your family to see what removing the “clique” looks like

Thanks for your vote in advance.

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May 5th you get the chance to decide if Truth, Trust and Transparency are important to you and your family. Want all three, VOTE FOR PACE


I will not allow you or your family to be subject to one board to dictate who we are and how we live.

I will not allow you to pay for more amenities without first paying down the debt.

I will not condone a board using it’s resources to attack citizens in our community Continue reading

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CSPD officer Legleither (6812) gave an American a break so why not post about it.

Today while at Costco. I pulled in to get my wife her groceries and much to my chagrin I saw a CSPD had someone light up in the parking lot. Fearing that this person was going to have her day ruined, I waited for the officer to start heading back to his car before approaching. Continue reading

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Pace election promises

As proven by a citizens email,

I am now the only person dead set against the expansion in the 3 year race.

Let me emphasis this until some people come forth and set the record straight, NO I will not change my site to accommodate your request.

You caused the Bendelow matter you clear it up.




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Welcome voters and awesome Americans! Today is the day I start on my way to getting a coveted seat at the table. Cory’s departure is my energy.


Mr. Cole I know you were against the “lawsuit” duly noted.

Just remember when under oath you tell the truth, thanks. Continue reading

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Your positive support shows me you are listening. Thanks a bunch.

Next Door update;

Next Door’s employees contacted me and said my suspension was being lifted and it was 8 others who filed complaints, Actually I got all but one right and the one I didn’t was not a surprise. Continue reading

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Email blast from WHMD, and GM Jerry Jacobson

Dear Woodmen Hills Residents:

In light of Gov. Polis’s Stay-at-Home Order, I wanted to let you know what’s going on at Woodmen Hills Metro District. Continue reading

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First sign stolen right in front of the East Rec Center, second and third from Thompkins and Woodmen Hills Dr. by Travis Leighton and he got away with it.


First off thanks to the two guys who saw the Leighton taking the signs, it tells me your not in camp Troy.

We have a winner for the sign stealing contest and this guy was pissed and I recorded it.

You all don’t get it do you?

He came out all fired up and brought his Pitbull with him.

I called dispatch early to report the sign then had to call again after the guy came to me.

The deputy was swell and took (recorded) statement and said he would go over and contact the man. (correction) I got the signs back. Continue reading

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