Take the Exposed Survey Monkey for Woodmen Hills residents results will be posted right here

Update 12=4=2017: we are leaving up the survey monkey till the end of the year.

Over 80% of the surveys taken want the board removed or gone just the facts and site overall distrust as the reason for it. The second reason is sneakiness of operations, third is the park n rec issue.

We are receiving overwhelming responses to our survey and we want to thank you for taking the time to get involved. At the rate we are going we will exceed expectations. This was our first time doing a study so we did our best to put it together

Thanks to you for taking it.

Click on he hyperlink below to take part in only survey that counts we are tired of the BS and the BS stops here! 



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Woodmen Hills put it in writting and the BOCC bought it!

We have the actual letter from then lawyer for WHMD showing the “promissory note” in the amount of $900,000 was taken out so WHMD was forced to pay for the West Center even though it was not in the service plan as shown in the letter. See Green and Co. borrowed money to finance the district which was in violation of the service plan and we have the proof. Remember Jan’s BFF is Green and he and his business partners leveraged this place to the hilt and in the service plan this was NOT allowed and you can read it for yourself. As the BOCC would not allow it to happen then after the SP’s were amended they want wild and spent like drunken sailors on shore leave with a pint of whiskey! Continue reading

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Service Plan is very clear!

Exposed spent 15 hours pouring over files and resolved records and discovered some interesting facts.

  1. The West Center was designated the “permanent office” for Woodmen Hills and never changed officially under the service plan!
  2. The West Center under the service plan and promissory note were suppose to be paid off in 14 years and then the fees lowered, ask us for the letter from our then attorney.
  3. The original service plan did not include any “club house” or “rec center”, that was later added at the behest of Benjamin Greens attorney.
  4. The land was bought by Woodmen Hills and Associates 1180 acres.
  5. Skywalk and GTL owned the Guthrie wells under the original agreement and the Falcon Properties and Investments bought the Cherokee water
  6. The original plan was when debt was retired or canceled the fees were to be lowered, that never happened. It was a real concern of the BOCC that properties owners not be burdened with heavy debt incurred by WHMD.
  7. Monies were pledged for fees were originally promised to FPI to pay off obligations.
  8. The Park n Rec fee has an out clause in each filing as shown in the covenants for WHMD as this is the document that binds owners to WHMD.
  9. Owners have an opt out clause and the service plan says the WHMD not the owners are responsible for the debt and the BOCC said as much and the service plan says the district can not UNDULY BURDEN RESIDENTS WITH DEBT!
  10. The community was hoodwinked by the very officials you voted for.
  11. There is millions in extraneous debt off the books.

Woodmen Hills over head costs are why the bills are so high. The board will out right ……. to keep status quo. We here at Exposed are getting new documents everyday so you can decide for yourself.

Now ask yourself this why is the board denying CORA and hiding at meetings, operations and expenditures?

Could it be they are doing what Exposed proved they are?

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Exposed finds the proof!


No excuses, no bull……, no lying elected officials, no employees covering for rich developers and one “knowledge sharing” relationship!

Just proof in black and white Exposed was right. Now KMA!

We can tell those coming here after 9 long years and exhaustive searching with the doc blocking (refusal of CORA) of Lisa Marie Peterson lackey, proven li…r and employee of Woodmen Hills.

Documents are King!

Mr. Bendelow has one more shot to get it right. We will be asking for records we know the district received and as shown to be received and they are not in the bonds as claimed by Lisa Peterson.  These documents are in the following form, “Lease agreements”, “promissory notes”, “lien agreements”, and loans. WHMD by and though it’s agents were doing exactly what Exposed has discovered was true all along see the CORA request that is going to be filed with the collusionist, and communist branch of the WHMD.

As we said documents are king and we know why and who wanted them kept out of our hands.

Why are we asking for the records cause Lisa Peterson said the records were in the bonds and that was an outright lie!

See we know what collusion is and how it works now you the rate payers will learn exactly what Exposed was trying to prove was true all along. “Bill of sale” and then some.

Ya we got a good deal just like 2009, lololololoololololhahahahhahahahahhaahahhahahah

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