As a general reminder, you should always have your personal affairs in order. Remember, life is not guaranteed. People know exactly what they are doing.

Best wishes from the guy you fucked with.

You picked your horse enjoy the race.

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Filing 11 seals it’s fate at 11:31 AM with registered letter signed by all the current board members.

Remember you all signed the letter. Don’t go hiding behind Bryce please.

Your “opinion” isn’t the law.

You took a vote to use a law firm to turn filing 11 into an HOA. Owners never voted on shit.

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Troy Stinson Uses Copdum again? Are another generation of Ron haters being groomed to start some shit? Well not this time. I warned you to cut the shit.

A posting on Facebook about what is going on in Woodmen Hills directly related to the rec center and the cost of the rec center along with the assholes who work there under Troy Stinson received numerous complaints and was removed.

The post contained comments of a truthful nature of life in WHMD. Comments made by ex employees were quickly noticed and people took action to complain to FB.

It should be noted Bendsolow and Troy claim they do not come to this site are BS.

Facebook states that the posting received over a dozen complaints some individuals concerned about the content. To make this very simple to the scumbag pieces of shit that work at the rec center don’t fuk with me,

I’m not in the mood for your s***.  I suggest you learn some f****** respect or I will teach you what f****** respect is. I don’t care if you work for a crooked, dirty cop.

You give me s*** and I promise it’s go time. I will not suffer the injustice of being accused of shit without anymore.

we will get into it and I will shut your s*** down.  If you’re an a****** and you act like a b****, you’re a****** whose a b****.

I learned the Will Miller was told to lye by the supervisors to garner a suspension on purpose. Even ex board members have come forward to apologize to me for what has taen place. All cause some dick suckers wanted their jobs and paid homage and kissed the ring.

What is clear is the Stinson era is trying to get supporters on his corrupt side. I am not going to tolerate any more shit. After meeting with numerous ex and current empoyees the mentaliy is to push my buttons and I learned that Troy has tainted  the waters again with new staff.

Well to Craig, Stephine and Jedd, if you are of the opinion that what you were told was gospel then especially Stephine keep up the attitude.

As for Jedd, you got your job by knowing Troy’s kid of that I am aware. As for you liking his ass keep doing it.

If you a bitch your a bitch, if your asshole your an asshole. If you think his badge or stature in the community gives you the right to play games with me your in for a rude awakening. I didn’t pick the fight nor did I use my VA disibliity in a fucked up way to pick the fight.

You might want to rethink pushing my buttons. After LePage spit in my food a the BAR all bets were off and his Speicial forces ass maybe special to you but not me.

After the pussy talked shit at a meeting and Jerry (ASS KISSER ) Jacobson  has allowed it to continue you and I have some real issues. You said and I quote, (did his meds wear off) no Jerry my patients with your spinless ass did, how come you don’t say that shit to my face? Guess you know being a suck ass employee who had heart attacks and waiting on retirement was who you are or am I wrong?

I am aware Mr. Stinson came looking for pick a fight or antoginize me, well you did.

Now go get a RO tuff guy and tell the judge all the BS you want. I am not going to let this BS continue.

My Name MR. PACE and if you came looking for a fight I am all in. Just tell the judge what the fuck you all did to piss me off and then I will be happy to show up in court one more time.

You really should have just stopped trying to run and control everyones lives dirty boy.

Today Woodmen Hills employee named Stephine was pretty rude about my question on the new “swim at your own risk” sign placed in the East rec center. She was such a bitch on the phone that I was pleasantly surprised when she said, (NO COMMENT) in her fuck off Im a girl with tits and your nothing attitude. I asked if everyone who was using the pool had signed the “waiver” since I watched Stinson kids enter without signing it as they were Laurie. We like bitches who work for Woodmen Hills but seriously people, this is the new “Troy Stinson” mentality at Woodmen Hills and it was confirmed by Jedd (Clampet just kidding) the manager. I also learned that numerous employees who complained to Rachel and Jerry that the directors staff members were fired for telling them Jedd was messing up. Stay tuned! I asked to speak to Jedd but the bitch made it clear he was no longer able to answer the phone due to his lips being wrapped around Troy’s’…… Anyway it was the lawyer Bendsolow and Troy who decided to remove the safety of having lifeguards at the pool cause your families safety is worth a shit to Troy and the board of worthless officials. Hey look at it this way, you can now sue the shit out of WH for it if your family member gets hurt. Just remember the names of those who thought it was a good idea Jon Martin (Troy’s personal P.A.L.), Sherry (let your kid die in he pool) Ringen, Troy (drowing is a way to save money) Stinson, Orville (not married legally) Erickson. Just think this group thought they could save money and raise the RISK of you children and family by having them sign the “Waiver”. Oh I almost forgot, The board passed an item that was not on the Agenda after Jon Martin got off his knees in the June meeting and got made a motion to build a hollow rec center. Jon was on his knees to ples his boss Troy boy. I told you all this was going to get entertaining. Oh if your wondering if Jan’s calculations are correct, the added bill for the addition comes in at 55 dollars additional a month for a hollow shell of a rec center. Nice work voters.


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I don’t have to attend meetings, they sealed their fate during the election. Troy thinks he’s got a bigger dick and his badge gives him immunity.

No comments needed

  1. Troy
  2. Edward
  3. Martin
  4. LePage’s
  5. Jerry Jacobson

If they think they won let them think so

I don’t have to make demonstrative comments to make my point.

You all started a fight using my disability, ok then, please don’t cry victim when the time comes.

I am right here, waiting the biggest pussy the Navy ever produced to back up his comments on social media and testimony.

If you do feel froggy then jump, I am right here.

Troy’s reign of terror isn’t going to last.

I am really busy fixing my home so I can enjoy it like some peoples wife’s enjoyed  numerous cock back in the day.

Remember you all wanted to use my “disability” against me and make a mockery of it.

Tell Ted, I’ll be in touch.

Have a nice day.



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My ban from Facebook follows a false claim by Facebook for posting this picture. Even a fucking billionaire is prone to being a dipshit.

This is the picture that I tired to post via a posting on FB.

Mark is one fucking stupid dipshit.

Image result for gif rocky punching meat

Ever wonder why more people don’t start a new site?

I am doing it now. FB claimed this “GIF” was a “nude” photo I about shit and laughed my ass off. I did BG’s on all of the directors who will be receiving a nasty letter of how much they are so off base and well too stupid for words delivered right to their “real” homes cause they too like to hide.

30 days for this GIF. Hey Zuckerberg 1st Amendment much asshat? I guess the 4.6 billion dollar loss last year wasn’t enough?

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